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So that day has come. The day when I finally won. My love triumphed! Oh, I still have not told you how I met her! But I’ll save the details for a later time. I have no intentions of writing the script for another How I Met Your Mother now! Just kidding. To sum it all, I met her just after my engineering. I mean, I started talking to her. We got introduced in a weird and a coincidental way. Looking at all the coincidence, everybody said, I was destined to meet her. I believed that. Somehow I started believing in the cliche, “we are made for each other!”

Ours was a long journey. Well, a long-distance relationship that is. Pardon the humor. Whenever I was at the verge of losing my patience, she helped me keep it up. She made me believe a lot of things that I never believed in. All the good things about life and stuff!

Then things started to get shaky. For almost a year, things were almost rough. She was helpless, I was helpless. And things were getting too bitter for me. Life had become a junk. I was getting into the dark corners of loneliness. I needed someone at least to talk to. I pity that poor friend of mine from the office. How much blabbering he gets to digest everyday! I just keep rambling. Because it is only the office time when I get to talk to people! Other times I just talk to the wall. Facebook, I mean. I never loved people’s company more than I do now. I never missed my home more than I do now.

Anyway, coming to the point, time went on and I moved into the darkness of alcohol abuse. I abused myself. And I created an image of mine that I think I will never be able to change. But that is a different matter. It was a chosen thing.

Just when I was getting deeper and deeper into the pit, suddenly time started to change. I finally realized that life has more to it. I must live well. And with that thought, came some improvements to my lifestyle. And what an irony, now I am getting her too!

Yes! Did not you hear that? She just called me! They agreed. She is going to be mine soon. All my dark days are over. No, I won’t drink to celebrate this. I’ll go to the temple and seek His forgiveness for the things I did over the years. I will seek His shelter. I give up. I want a simpler life. I am a changed man from tomorrow. Yes yes, you heard it right. The times they are a changin! Oops! Later, she is calling me. 🙂

: Hi!

: Hi.

: I was telling the diary about you.

: What did you tell?

: I was telling it how I missed you, how my life was a ruin, and how this Phoenix is getting a new life. Thank you, darling!

: Come on, don’t talk like that! I am sorry! You have suffered a lot, and I am so very guilty for that. I could never be able to make up for that!

: Hey hey hey… please stop that. It’s not the time to cry! It’s the time we celebrate. I wish this day would never end!

: What? That means you don’t wanna marry me or what?

: Hehehe of course I do! Ok, rephrase, I wish I always live in this state of mind and I always get to live with your love. Amen.

: Amen.

: And you know what, I am going out. I’ll buy something for you. And I will go to the temple too. Promise.

: Please please please go to the temple! I am so happy. Ok then, you go. I’m now going out for some shopping. Talk to you later.

: Yeah, sure darling. I love you!

: Love you!

After Sunaina hung up, Sid played some drums on the air shouting with the song playing on the stereo.

Today is a new day. Even the scorching sun seemed sweet to him. He could not wait anymore. He plugged his iPod in, put it in the maximum volume, and ran off the stairs towards the car.

The empty road on the Sunday afternoon greeted him. He just kept the accelerator fixed at maximum. Mike Portnoy’s beats were all over his ear drums. He took out the iPod to change to a different song. As he was browsing through the albums, he heard a sharp horn. Before he could realize anything, he found that giant truck from the opposite direction too close to his car. He let the iPod go. But he was already on the wrong side.


This was a series of three articles of an imaginary couple “Sid” and “Sunaina”. All the characters and incidents are imaginary. I had written the first article and had created these characters just for the sake of writing some blog posts, without any other motive or intention. Any displeasure caused to anyone is NOT regretted. You are welcome to put forward your views too. Keep calm, keep reading.

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Love in the time of Torrents.

As I was searching for the file,

Google gave me a broken URL.

Lost labor, furiousness, and dissatisfaction,

I searched for another file to install in my system.

When I came across your Torrent link,

Happy as hell, I laughed and I winked.

You seeded the file,

And some more I smiled.

Least I saw the evil grin on your face,

I was busy customizing the Windows Installer interface.

When it was installed and ran for the first time,

I did all the best configuration to perform for the longest run.

Some people had advised,

I should have checked for malicious code.

But you know, when you need it so bad,

All you look for is just a crack.

Everything was fine,

Until my system crashed after a short while.

Now I whine and cry,

But there’s no Restore Point that I can try.

Badly I need my system to run,

Now I will have to look for another ISO to burn.

Limerick and not so limerick

Jab mujhe laga uska chaska,

Maine mara usko thoda maska.

Jab maine kaha “I like you”,

Usne kaha: “You haven’t seen your face on the mirror. Have you?”

Jab maine pucha, “What’s the harm?”

Usne kaha, “You got no charm!”

Maine pucha, “Do you even know how much I cried?”

Usne kaha, “It’s disgusting that even you tried!”

Maine kaha, “I can swear by my tears, oh dear!

I wish I could whisper those words into your ear!”

Usne kaha,

“Dude, I hate to be rude.

But you should have understood!

That I’m not meant for you, and you are not for me.

So let’s just stay as “I”, and not make it “we”!


This was written while sitting with a friend and chit-chatting, with an intention to invoke pure fun. Nothing serious about it. Life is funny, laugh at it! 🙂


Let me start this post with a few lines from a song called Orgasmatron by the band Motörhead:

I am the one, Orgasmatron, the outstretched grasping hand
My image is of agony, my servants rape the land
Obsequious and arrogant, clandestine and vain
Two thousand years of misery, of torture in my name
Hypocrisy made paramount, paranoia the law
My name is called religion, sadistic, sacred whore!

Well, I had almost forgotten about this song. The other day while I was desperately searching the hard drive of my office-computer for some songs that I had not listened lately, I found this one; and instantly I realized that this was THE song that I was looking for! The first paragraph that I have mentioned here, talks about religion and how it’s being exploited. Really, the self proclaimed “Servants of God” have tweaked the religions as per their need, to suit their paranoiac mind. They have taken it to their bedrooms to satisfy their kinky libido! If you know the loopholes, you can exploit it too, just like the lawyers can exploit the “law”! Well, these are my views. You do not necessarily need to agree with it, but I really feel that it is the hypocrites and the paranoids, the clandestine “guardians of religion”, who make it a “sadistic sacred whore”! I’m totally with you on this, Lemmy!

Anyway, that provokes me to torture you with yet another story on the miseries of life (Click here to read the previous story). So folks, fasten your seat-belts and get ready to take a ride to the nonsense!


Arjun (Aj) was completely lost in the awesomeness of the guitar solo in Free Bird, the Lynyrd Skynyrd song, when his cell phone broke the tranquility.

Aj: Hey dude, how are you?

Sid: I’m good man.. what about you?

: Ummm…I’m good too!

: Aaj ka kya scene hai? Got any special plans for the evening?

: No re. Ain’t no scene as such. Just sipping a Haywards!

: Saala! But really, beer tastes the best on hot Saturday afternoons!

: hahaha…you bet! Where are you now?

: At my place.

: Why don’t you come over?

: But I was thinking to come in the evening!

: Fuck it, man! If you don’t have any work, come over!

: ummm…okay! On my way!

: Cool! See you then.

Aj took the last sip off the mug, turned on Mama Said, and went back to the state of oblivion and bliss.


Aj: Good to see you bro! Come in, have a sit! [Offers a cigarette to Sid, and lights one for himself] So, tell me, how’s life treating you?

Sid: BAD, man…real bad!

: [Aj, pouring 2 glasses of beer] Unreasonable deadlines? Boss is a prick? Altercation with girl friend? Not enough credit in the card? What’s the matter?

: No man, it’s different!

: PMS?

: So funny!

: hahahahahaha

: [Sid, raising the beer mug] Cheers! To life!

: To life!

: Yeah, so, what’s the matter with you, mate?

: This girl, man, Sunaina!

: Your girl friend? You must have taken up a silly fight with her again, eh?

: No dude, this time it ain’t like that!

: So, what happened? Wait a minute, she was supposed to go home, and talk about you two, right? Is there anything wrong with that?

: Yea, man! They did not approve!

: Who? Her parents? What a crap, man!

: Hmmm

: But why? Is it the “big buck virus”? But you work with a reputed company and hers is a secured govt. job with good money. You two have  a bright career ahead. It’s very sad of them to disapprove, man!

: Ummm…there is a different issue yaar. It is that I don’t belong to their “caste”. I am not a Brahmin!

: Ah! The age-old shit! But just an afterthought, it’s their revenge, you see! You guys have taken so much from them, everywhere you get quota, discounts in college fees; you have so much privileges that you make them feel themselves as “backward class”! You have made their life miserable. Then what do you think, they will not retaliate if they get a chance? [laughs]

: Fuck you! We don’t enjoy any extra privilege than them. We are all from the “general caste”. The difference is that, they are the great “Brahmins” and we are not! I don’t wear that “sacred thread” that makes me a sacred fuck!!

[Sid gulps a mouthful of beer, lights a cigarette and increases the volume of the stereo. “Come As You Are” fills the room. He drags some stiff puffs from the cigarette, and hums the song. Aj pours more beer]

: And saala, there are Brahmins like you! [smirk] you booze, eat pork, beef, fish, octopus, what all you don’t do?

: [smirks, and then starts with a serious tone.] Dude, what makes you think that by not eating beef or pork, or by not boozing, one can become a “Brahmin”? In fact, I don’t think myself as a “Brahmin”! I am a human first! I have my wishes, I need to fulfill them. If I want to eat something, I will eat. I am in this world to live my life to the fullest, not to make some dumb sacrifices to become a “sacred” Aj! Besides, how can one be a Brahmin, or any other caste for that matter, by birth? As far as my knowledge goes, those classifications were done based on the work they used to do in the society. My grandfather was not a priest, my father is not a priest, and I am not a priest. So what makes me a Brahmin, that is, a priest? I don’t even know Sanskrit! Besides, whenever I pray to God, he thinks I’m bribing him, and so I think he punishes me by making the things happen the other way around! And it scares me so much that I have even stopped praying! Yes, I’m a real Brahmin! Hahahaha

See, I don’t try to impose my views on others, but these things have no value to me, dude! These pimps of “God”, and the politicians are making our life hell! Look at our constitution, it forbids us from discriminating anyone based one his/her caste or religion, and the same constitution gives these “privileges” and sets different laws based on caste and religion. We are living in a world of hypocrites, man! It boils my blood! M-fuckers! Seriously, dude. It is very unfortunate. By the way, what is her stand now?

: She is not ready to go against her parents. And besides, I also do not like to force her. There’s no point, you see, if they always stick to this shitty view, then she can never be happy! And it will create a whole lotta problem. So, I think, just let it be and move on! [smiles, pours another ]

: Hmm…makes sense! It’s really really very sad of us that we are still following the prejudices of the dark age! But really, these things are not expected from a family of their repute, man!

: That’s the way the cookie crumbles, dude! And we are just another brick in the wall! Or should I say “another wench in the brothel”! Hahahaha

: Haha…precisely! And you two are still in contact?

: Dude, she has gone mad! You know how she used to hate my habit of drinking. I always used to hide it from her till the maximum possible level!

: I know, I know!

: Now it’s the other way around. Everyday she calls me, apologize for whatever happened, and asks me to drink!


: Yeah! So that I can be “happy”! Even she has started drinking! The other day she was high on vodka shots man!

: Holly shit!! She is BOOZING? Man! The eighth wonder!!!

:  Oh! That reminds me, you got Vodka?

: Yeah, you wanna have some?

: Yeah…lemme make some shots!

: Whoa! Shots? Noble idea, I must say!

: [Aj, walking towards the kitchen, says in a Russel Peters tone, with a smirk] Somebody is gonna get real drunk tonight!

: [Sid just smiled, put his head on back of the sofa and shouted the song that was playing]

What I’ve felt, what I’ve known/Sick and tired, I stand alone/Could you be there, ’cause I’m the one who waits for you/Or are you unforgiven too?

: Hey you ass, sit upright, here is the vodka and the glasses!

[with a smile, Sid sits straight, and pours the vodka. Aj changes the song to a different one and shouts, raising the glass]

: In the name of Nirvana!

: Nirvana!

[Kurt Cobain’s psychedelia was all over the room. Aj and Sid “cheered” again, and again, and again. They are lost in the grunge, they are lost in life, they are lost in pain, they are lost in the rage, they are lost in the inebriation!]

Rape me! Rape me!

Rape me my friend!

Rape me! Rape me again!

I’m not the only one…aaa I’m not the only one!

Hate me, Do it and do it again!

Waste me, Rape me , rape me my friend!

Rape me! Rape me! Rape me!


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Thoughts at random

In the sleepless nights or the most boring ride to the office through the lonely boulevard full of erratic traffic and bustling countrymen, my habit of punching the keypad sometimes make something that looks like a poem and this is my utmost naïve effort to collate some of them. Cheers!! You can read some of my other poems from HERE.

The Betrayal [12-Aug-06]
I had a god
God that failed
To protect me,
To protect himself!

I had a god
Whom I trusted,
Prayed, worshiped.
A god, who in return
Dangled me to entertain his prostitutes.

Oh! The light bringer!
Where are you?
Take my soul, take me to hell.
I want to live, live forever in a place
Better than this

A Question of Heaven [March’2006]
I have heard them saying
You are the supreme power.
I have seen them worshiping you
Like anything.
Is this what they give
For a life so painful?
It is the time for a show-cause
Why should you
Not be questioned?
Why am I given the name
Of a betrayer??

Dhabomaan hoisilu
Aadi prio shobdo,
Ek khyuv,
‘SUPREEM POWER’’r protaronar.
Hoitu asil mur ‘PARANOIA’.
Kihor protarona?
Mur jonmot tu hua nasil
Kunu doibyo-baani
Ek sundor jibonor protisruti !

Her Love
Her eyes speak faith,
Her lips sing life.
Her arms whisper confort
And her smile spreads peace.
She is the antidote to my venom
And her love,
A trap I want to fall again and again

Will name it later! 🙂 [19-Dec-08]
Eeverything is so foul,So unfair and unworthy
Except for a death, worth dying for!
Wake up, sleep walkers!
Give me your hand, join the rebellion.
Let me take the shit out of your robotic heads
Let me clean you and inject sense.
Let me lead you out of the puppet show,
Let me show you how to defy the master
And worship thyself!

Let it be unnamed too! 😦 [19-Dec-08]
Let me cut the strings tonight,
They have always played the wrong tune.
Let me break this habit tonight,
The habit of living with a solace of an elusive hope.
The habit of giving, not getting.
Let me set my soul free tonight
Before it perishes.
Let me break the chains.
Let me fly tonight,
It smells so foul here!

Tumar hahit
Udbhaxito hoi uthe mur jibon.
Tumar swopnalu dusokut
Dubi thaku moi protikhyon.

Tumar “xu-probhat”
Mur aanobik xokti
Protitu dinor jibon-jujot
Nomar jen ek o-ghuxito prostuti!

Aaha ami olop ‘bargaining’ koru-
Kiman moromor binimoyot diba
Exo xotangxo biswas?
Ek xagor ne ek akax?

Dhaar [01-Oct-2006]
Mur iyat etiya xit,
Diba neki dharole
Olop grismo…
Olop axa…
Olop anondo…
Olop onubhuti…
Olop jiyai thokar habiyakh?

Maa ![10-April-2006]
Aji tomale khoob monot porise,
Moi je bhagori porisu,
Aru kiman khuj kahim,

Maa !

Aji ghuri jabo khujisu
Akou tumar kaxoloi,
Xui poribo khujisu,
Prithibir xokolu dukh-kosto pahori
Tumar umal kulat,

Maa !

Dhaki diba muk aji
Tumar anchalere.
Numusiba mur khyoto,
Xikhon je letera hobo.
Numusu aji sokupaniu
Tumar anchalere.
Pobitra anchal tumar,
Mr je durgondhomoy xorir!

The miserable ‘modern’ life!

My TL was bugging me big time for a ‘plot’, or rather, a story for her short-film. Finally I gave in, and agreed to “try” something. The following is what I came up with after 2 hours of unofficial office-work; needless to say, it didn’t make it to any sort of adaptation. Here is for you to read 🙂 By the way, it absolutely does not have any resemblance to any person dead or alive.


[Boy sitting in front of HR girl] HR: Congrats, Siddharth; you have been selected for the post. Your monthly salary will be 10000 per month for first 3 months, i.e. your probation period; and will be increased to 12000 after successful completion of the same. Please read the offer letter and sign it if you agree.

[Boy comes out of the room, excited. Takes out his mobile and dials a number. The screen freezes and narration begins to describe his attitude or his professional details (with a little humorous tone maybe) ]


After 6 months [Siddharth (Sid) and 4-5 other guys are sitting in a bar] [Standing, raising a glass]

Sid: This evening is for my love, Sunaina! She is doing BE and her result was declared a week ago. She topped in her college! This is not all, she got placed in a PSU through campus recruitment. [Everyone stands up and raises the toast with a roar “cheers”] [Everyone busy talking to each other and laughing.]

Friend 1: Sid, are you happy with everything? I mean your job and all?

Sid: Beggars cannot be choosers! And you know how I’ve completed my Engineering. So yes, I’m happy! I must be happy. Carpe diem is my motto. Seize the day. Live for the moment. “Eat, drink and be merry…for tomorrow we may diet”

Another friend to all: “Aaj mere paas naukri hai, paisa hai, do-do mobile-phone hai, bike hai, girlfriend hai…tumhare paas kya hai…?”

Sid: “Mere paas RUM hai…” [Everyone laughs, mobile rings, he goes out. Someone shouts from behind “you rock, man!”]

Sid on phone: Hey darling!

: I need to discuss something serious with you.

: But I’m with my friends, at a party.

: Mere liye rishta aya hai.

: Toh itna serious hone ko kya hai honey. Bol do na ke tum mere ho [smirk]

: Sid! Please be serious! How can I tell my parents about ‘us’ until you get a good job. Try to understand! Please do a master degree na…an MBA? Please…mere khatir…humare khatir?

: Don’t give me that crap! I expect you to love me as I am. Don’t try to change me, please! And I would appreciate if you don’t spoil my evening further. I guess we can discuss that tomorrow also![cuts the line] [Sid returns to table and gulps one whole glass]

Friend1 asks [worried]: “Any problem, Sid?”

[Sid sings, eventually everyone joins] “we don’t need no education, we don’t need no thought control. No dark sarcasm in the class room, teachers leave the kids alone. Hey! Teachers, leave them kids alone. All in all it’s just another brick in the wall…”


[Sid enters his rented flat drunk. Lies on his bed. His room-mate is searching bed-bugs]

Sid: Kya dhund raha hai? Khatmal? Kitna khatmal marega? Sab ek ek khatmal hai…school me khatmal…college me khatmal…office me khatmal…society me khatmal…ab toh saala ghar me bhi khatmal…[laughs]…mein bhi ek khatmal…tu bhi ek…[falls into sleep, screen becomes dark]


[phone rings (screen still dark)…Sid wakes up…”sunlight” fills the room]

Sid: Haan bolo…

: Sid…please MBA kar lo na…mere khatir… nahito mein kya bolungi ghar me…

: [with a smirk]Bol do ki BTech Computer hai.

: But they expect more!

: What do YOU expect? Or rather, want?

: I want everyone to be happy

: And I am the scapegoat? Does everyone in this God damned world do an MBA?

: Please Sid! Try to understand..it’s for OUR well being!

: See darling, how much money does one need to run a family? We both will be earning, and that will be enough for us. So suddenly why is this issue? I don’t wanna drive a Marc! damn it!

: But my parents! They won’t accept this!

: What do they want? Their daughter’s happiness or son-in-law’s degree? Does a degree guarantee happiness?

: But I cannot go against them!

: And I cannot go against myself! Does my love has no value? Is an MBA more valuable for you or your parents than my love?

: Then you are not going to do MBA?

: Ans my question first! Is an MBA more valuable for you than my love?

:[silent] [screen goes black…names scroll]

:[shouting]ANSWER ME!

[she cuts the line, a sound of beep remains.]