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A flowchart about how not to get killed on the road

The incident that happened in Bihar earlier this month (Aditya incident) has again emphasized the need for our awareness about road-safety, which we, the ordinary Indians, lack terribly.

Let me borrow a line from George Orwell’s evergreen novel Animal Farm to illustrate the point that I am trying to make in this post:

All animals are equal, but some animals are more equal than others.

Now, please don’t misquote me as equating anyone to animals. No, I am not. It’s just a catchphrase that is helpful for the ordinary Indians to remember as a survival trick. Because, you see, they (the aam aadmi) must remember where they belong. These ordinary people must not tread the path of the “more equal” people, if they want to remain alive. By the way, by “aam aadmi” I mean the ordinary people of India, as in, the aam junta; not the Aam Aadmi Party, they are a notch above the entire human race. The term “aam aadmi” is just a juxtaposition that the emperor Arvind Kejriwal used. If you are in a party, how can you be aam aadmi?! That’s brilliant wordplay. Clever chap, Kejriwal. IIT-ian, after all 😉

Coming to the point – the Aditya incident really troubled me initially. But as the pictures of both the cars emerged, I realized that it was a clear case of lack of awareness about road-safety. A Maruti Swift does not overtake a Range Rover. Never. Period. Can you imagine how much humiliation that might have caused to the guy driving the Range Rover? Besides, he is a “more equal” person. Taking a cue from that incident, I have compiled a few checks that an ordinary Indian must do while overtaking another car. This is for the people of/in Pune. Whenever you approach a private-owned car (taxis won’t kill you, they’ll just take your car’s bumper off), remember these points before you overtake.

Hope that helps. Live long and prosper.