Monthly Archives: August 2014

Note to self

We were brainstorming over certain things for most part of the day, and we really are amazed by the relevance of “Murphy’s Law” in everything we do.

Things have their own time and way of happening. Sadly, they happen to me, without exception, at a time that is most inconvenient. I guess, that’s life- a bunch of heart aches here and there and some smiles. Amidst, you figure your shit out. The delirium of a perfect timing keeps making things more difficult though. Still, to reassure myself- I have not and I shall not expect perfection in things, but I shall make things work out in the most perfect manner. Cheers.

[Found this note scribbled in my Google Keep, bearing a last edited date of March’14. Felt like posting, for it sums up a story I keep telling myself every day. Almost every day, I mean.]