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Life in a metro

Since the past year and a half (yes, since I got married), my otherwise worthless/mundane/lazy life has suddenly turned into a very “worthy”/exciting/active one. After going through a sea of changes and adjustments, here I am, still confused like Shahrukh Khan – have I made it large? Seriously, since then I have been assuming a lot of roles in my day to day life in this metro. From career counselor to driver, from trainer to ‘dish washer’ (occasional), from motivational speaker to cook (occasional) and so forth. Not to mention being the host to the hundreds of house parties. (The wife is a dear! ) And yes- I have been giving a lot of advice too, on any matter under the sun/moon/cloud. These are conscious  ones, not the ones given in inebriation. Out of all, I think, I can really consider being a motivational speaker as an alternate career choice, just in case if I kill someone on the road someday and end up unemployed. Though I had struck off “Kill someone” from my to do list towards the end of my graduation (precisely after I cleared the Microprocessor exam), people still keep trying my patience a lot! Now I just smile at them and move on with my life. Just not to offend those people, you know. Besides, people are very sensitive these days, and they can be offended by a lot of things. For example, the other day I updated on Facebook that I find it ridiculous to declare it a dry day on the occasion of Ekadashi. (By the way, though I cannot read the Hanuman Chalisa and a word of Sanskrit, I am a Hindu too. Don’t vandalize my house, please.) I was thinking logically, for all the citizens of a “democratic” and “secular” nation, where caste or religion based discrimination is a crime. Well, ideally. But I forgot that we are Indians. We are a bunch of hypocrites. We LOL at logic. Following the tradition, two of my friends instantly warned me- that it has been a “culture” in Pune and I should learn to respect the culture of the state where I am living. Though I still could not fathom when did I not respect or made fun of their culture in that Facebook post, I instantly blocked them from my Facebook timeline. Sorry, I cannot handle that much of intelligence with the tiniest of the brains that I posses (if I possess anything called a “brain” at all). And I am not saying this for the fear of my life, but I really like this place (Pune). I have even bought a house here! Besides, after this 2-months-and-still-counting days of continuous rain and the condition of roads after that, I am feeling more at home. Just because of the potholes, you know. Literally there is no concrete road available any more, at many stretches of most of the roads. I have not been to the  western Pune for quite some time, but the eastern Pune (Hadapsar etc.) has become a huge paddy field with buildings and shit load of traffic. No roads, just mud and water. I am repenting that I bought a hatchback; a tractor would have been more appropriate!

OK, where was I? Yes- the things that I have been doing in my personal life since a year and half- as I said, it’s been quite an active life. Very busy. Now I wake up at 7, which seemed next to impossible to me. Then I drive 50-70 KMs daily in this crazy traffic, attend office without a leave even when I am sick and I can hear every inch of my body crying for some rest and a break. Ah! Many things. However, I still could not learn one thing- to give a sh!t to what others think of me. That’s one lesson I never intend to learn.

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