Looking Back: Pink Floyd

I had been thinking about writing a series of articles about some of the bands, who, in my opinion, are the greatest bands in the world. I have followed these bands for more than a decade now, and I feel that they too have a role, however small that is, in shaping me as a person I am today. So, this series is a tribute to the bands I could die for! (Okay, that was an exaggeration.)

To start with, here goes the first post, about none other than Pink Floyd!

Pink Floyd (Image courtesy: Wikipedia)

Pink Floyd. The only known photo of all five members together. L-R: Nick Mason, Syd Barrett, David Gilmour (seated), Roger Waters, and Richard Wright  (Image courtesy: Wikipedia)

As far as I can remember, it was until college that I had not heard any Pink Floyd song apart from Another Brick in The Wall. When I joined college, the first exposure to Pink Floyd besides Another brick… was, of course, Coming Back to Life. Then Comfortably Numb, and the rest is, as the cliché goes, history!

During my college, one of my friends used to play the PULSE concert video in loop, till the point of annoying every single guy staying in that wing of the hostel. I think, during those endless replays of the video, the tunes of the Floyds were unknowingly getting imbibed in me. Then I started exploring them more, and concentrated on their lyrics and music. After that, I attained a point when I could say, yes, this is it! Pink Floyd is the greatest thing to have happened to the world of rock music. Progressive or Psychedelic rock, to be precise. They created such amazing music! I mean, name any album you wish, The Dark Side of The Moon, The Division Bell, The Wall, Wish You Were Here – every album was a cult! Even the lesser known tracks, like On The Turning Away from the album Momentary Lapse of Reason or Brain Damage, from Dark Side of The Moon, they never fail to take me to a state of oblivion that I never wish to get over with! Pink Floyd could paint a portrait with their music so beautifully that every time I listen to them, they leave me spellbound! A couple of years ago, I got my hands on a live video of the Floyds called Live at Pompeii. That is probably the most mesmerizing video of a rock band I have ever seen. This is also a “must have” for any Floyd fan.

dark side

The Dark Side of The Moon- album cover art

On the Holi morning this year, I was delighted to see an email from my former boss. He had sent me a URL of an article about Pink Floyd, re-published in the Rolingstone magazine to mark the occasion of 40 years since Pink Floyd’s Dark Side of The Moon, probably their most famous album, was released. Thank you, J! 🙂

You can read the article from here: http://goo.gl/TMtdf.

Here is another URL to a collection I had compiled from the Internet a long ago, of the cover pictures of all the Pink Floyd albums: http://goo.gl/1TFof.

NB: They say, Pink Floyd is heard more beautifully on headphones, in an altered state of mind.


2 thoughts on “Looking Back: Pink Floyd

  1. Adil

    Manash – Your article on Pink Floyd is superb. It took the words from my mouth about what I feel for them. I too came to them very late, when I was in 1st year BA in St.Edmund’s College, Shillong. One of my friends was playing their songs during the college festival, and I was struck by the emotional response it created in me, even though the sound system sucked. Later another friend got me a recorded tape of Animals and then Momentary Lapse of Reason. I’ve been “taped” to PF ever since then, collecting every possible album, bootleg, or book. Now, of course, with the explosion of information one knows all the trivia, but back then it was sheer pleasure to discover gem after ecstatic gem of Floyd’s maverick genius.

    Keep the diamond shining, bro!


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