Monthly Archives: January 2013

Movie Mania

As I had written in my last post (Twenty Twelve), the last year was really a crazy and busy year. A very rewarding one, nonetheless. Apart from all the things that I had written there, I did some other stuff too, like, made a lot of new friends, partied like hell, and started watching TV! Whoa! That last one!

Then one fine day, towards the end of the year, I realized that I had not been doing a thing that I love a lot – watching movies. The list of “to watch” movies was getting long each passing day. Sad. Then I called up the service provider and upgraded my Broadband plan! Voila! Since then, I have been downloading movies almost every evening and watching them whenever I can. Yesterday, I was thinking of which movie to download, and I found an awesome print (720p) of the movie Ted in some Torrent site. The rest was a really amusing experience. Good job, guys!

First, let’s talk a little about Seth MacFarlane, the man behind both Ted and Family Guy! Yes, Family Guy – that one awesome show I love to watch any freaking day! So, this guy- Seth is not only the creator of this animated show, but also has given voice to the awesome characters like Peter, Stewie, and Brian (Quagmire too). When I got to know that Ted was Seth’s movie, I HAD to watch it!

From the first scene to the last, Ted was never a disappointment. And guess what, Seth has given voice for the main character of this movie too- a pothead teddy bear! Beat that. If you are a fan of Family Guy, you will easily be able to recognize the voices of at least Peter and Brian here. So, go for it!

PS: After a lot of search and ‘heartburn’, I have finally found and downloaded a zero-glitch, high res  print of Django Unchained. Wanna join? Do grab some beer while coming. Popcorns on the house! 😉

PPS: Reruns of Skyfall, Dark Knight Rises and Argo are also planned. So, what are you doing this weekend? Happy republic day, by the way!