Monthly Archives: December 2012

Twenty Twelve

The last time I had written a retrospective post was in the year 2010 (Retrospection). That was a remarkable year as far as my professional life is concerned. Specially the later part of the year. That was the time when I came in contact with some amazing people in the professional front, who changed my outlook towards everything. I learnt a lot from them and they still continue to inspire me, both personally and professionally. Sadly, I had to part my ways this year. Change is the word, and it’s a cruel world after all!

Coming to the point, the year 2012 proved to be the most revolutionary year for me. It made me believe in destiny. It restored my belief in Karma, which was dying a painful death day by day. It also converted the pessimist in me to one of the most optimistic people you would meet. All in just one year. Let’s count the events, shall we?

The year started with a great hustle-bustle. After all, it was my marriage. I could not believe myself that I was getting married on 11th Feb 2012. Four months before this date, I was totally lost and confused. I didn’t know what to do with life. I didn’t have anyone beside me. I was hit by an early mid-life crisis (that’s what my friends had said). Then all of a sudden, I met the most amazing girl I had ever met in my life. It took me just an hour to realize that she is the one who can guide me towards the light. So, three months time and we exchanged the vows. Since then, life never took a backseat. I am really glad that she is in my life. Love you, wifey!

The next thing that I want to share might not be of that much significance for you, but for me, it was no lesser than an achievement in itself. We moved to a duplex bungalow. On rent, of course. You would say, what’s the big deal! But for a man who had (re)started his life in this city 2 years ago, sharing a 200 odd square-feet flat with friends that was build under a slum rehabilitation scheme, it meant a lot. Not just luxury and lavishness, I fail to articulate what it really means to me. It’s like, looking back at the days and showing the finger. It’s like looking back at the days and bursting into tears. It’s like looking back at the days and smiling a satisfaction!

Then in December, the year 2012 gave me two big things- a house of my own and my first car. Till mid-November, I had never thought even in my wildest dream that I would ever be able to buy a house in Pune. But destiny (and my parents) had other plans. When my parents came here for a visit in October 2012, dad liked the place so much that he insisted that it’s time I buy a house of my own. As they say, when there’s will, there’s a way! In December, we registered a flat with one of the most prestigious builders of Pune. The next is the car. All the while, I was dreaming about buying a car. I had made plans too, but nothing was getting materialized. When I was about to go to the dealer and book a car, dad told me that I should book a flat instead. The plans for a car was again put on the back burner. But on 17th Dec, I was again hit by that habitual impulsiveness. I NEED A CAR RIGHT NOW! So today I am taking the delivery of the car. My first car.

I am too excited to think and write anything today, and I shall get back to the blog later, at a more stable state of mind. And I promise a better write up. Till then, take care. Wish you a very happy year ahead. Keep the faith (the faith that everything will be okay). Cheers!

Let me end this post with two of my own quotes! 😉

I feel that our life is just like a day. If you wake up at noon, that does not mean that you won’t be able to catch up with the early risers for the late night movie. (Paranoid)

Do not lose heart at anything, and keep walking. Finding the real oasis makes the other 99 mirages worth chasing for. To dream and to hope is all we can do, and that is what we should not stop doing. (Scribblings)