I really feel humble to say that I love to write poems. Writing an article and writing a poem are two very different things. I write bad poems. Crude, amateur poems. Despite of this fact, I tried. Very brave!  And what a try that too! I wrote them in four languages- Assamese, Hindi, English and Bengali. Many of which, I lost over the years.

Lately, I have not written any poem for a couple of years I guess; and I realized that I am just unable to write any of those anymore. Then, this Friday evening, I wrote a Hindi poem! Written in  just 3 minutes flat, it was actually a Facebook status message. Then, after posting it on Facebook, I realized that it did resemble to a poem. Albeit very crude. So I thought to save it in my blog, before I lose this one too. Let’s read it. Shall we?


Sapne kayee, hausle nayee.

Hausle tootne ke aasaar bhi kayee.

Jab bhi toota ek hausla,

Humne ban ne na diya khushiyon se faasla.

Dhoondta raha ek se ek bahana,

Kyunki khushiyon ke saath hi hai humko rehna!


It was a message to myself- not to lose heart at anything and keep walking. Finding the real oasis makes the other 99 mirages worth chasing for. To dream and to hope is all we can do and that is what we should not stop doing.

Till the next time I blabber, hold your head high and keep smiling. 🙂

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