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I really feel humble to say that I love to write poems. Writing an article and writing a poem are two very different things. I write bad poems. Crude, amateur poems. Despite of this fact, I tried. Very brave!  And what a try that too! I wrote them in four languages- Assamese, Hindi, English and Bengali. Many of which, I lost over the years.

Lately, I have not written any poem for a couple of years I guess; and I realized that I am just unable to write any of those anymore. Then, this Friday evening, I wrote a Hindi poem! Written in  just 3 minutes flat, it was actually a Facebook status message. Then, after posting it on Facebook, I realized that it did resemble to a poem. Albeit very crude. So I thought to save it in my blog, before I lose this one too. Let’s read it. Shall we?


Sapne kayee, hausle nayee.

Hausle tootne ke aasaar bhi kayee.

Jab bhi toota ek hausla,

Humne ban ne na diya khushiyon se faasla.

Dhoondta raha ek se ek bahana,

Kyunki khushiyon ke saath hi hai humko rehna!


It was a message to myself- not to lose heart at anything and keep walking. Finding the real oasis makes the other 99 mirages worth chasing for. To dream and to hope is all we can do and that is what we should not stop doing.

Till the next time I blabber, hold your head high and keep smiling. 🙂


Tribute to a super Sunday

The last Saturday was really hectic. By the time I finally got home and sat to have a good Saturday evening, my eyelids were already flirting with each other; and I was having a real tough time keeping them separated. I gave up soon. I just watched some TV and went to sleep.

Sundays, I normally hate. Almost the entire day goes in lazing around and when the evening comes, I get depressed thinking about the monstrous Monday and the week ahead. But yesterday was no other Sunday. A cousin of the missus had been to our place to spend a couple of days with us. So there had to be some plans for the day.

“What’s the plan?” Asked the missus. “Doolally!” was my instant reply.

In spite of being almost a teetotaler, the missus loves to hang around in Doolally, the microbrewery. Nice relaxed ambiance and super awesome yet very reasonably priced beers on tap make Doolally my first choice any <intensifier> day. Their Wheat beer, for me, is the best thing that money can buy. But to my utter disappointment, I got to know that Doolally would be closed after 4 PM for some other function that they had. Good that I called them!

“What’s next?” Grumbled the disappointed missus.

After an hour or so, we three- the missus, her cousin and I were at Amanora, the huge mall.

By the time the two beautiful ladies got their hair trimmed, I devoured McChicken and Filet-o-fish, thinking where to go. That’s when I saw TJ’s Brew Works, a microbrewery in Amanora. I could almost see my face brighten up!

The Devil’s Dark

While the girls had some Orange juice (really, I am not making this up), I ordered one Devil’s Dark, their signature beer. If you ask me about the place, I would say without any hesitation that this place is over priced. I would prefer Doolally any <intensifier> day. Maybe just because of their Wheat beer and the Happy Hours!

Anyway, before I and the ladies could finish our respective drinks, enjoying the weather from the balcony of TJ’s Brew Works, another cousin of the missus joined us. Soon, our laughter filled the entire balcony! I tell you, this guy is fun to be with. I suggested that since we have a long time to spend and am in no mood to head home any time soon, we should go to Prem’s, the resto-bar. Again, this place I really like. Though it’s in Koregaon Park, the most expensive area of Pune, it offers a good ambiance at much lower cost. I ordered a pitcher of beer for the two guys while the girls took their picks in non-alcoholics. We four had such a lovely time there- discussing everything under the sky, laughing our hearts out, laughing the loudest laugh! We discussed everything- from Dabangg to LOTR, from Twilight to Game of Thrones, from Immortals of Meluha to The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo, from Chetan Bhagat to Gregory David Roberts, from philosophies to PJs! This was my third visit to Prem’s; and like the earlier two, I spent another amazingly good time there.

Fried Rice, Basho

After Prem’s, we went to another place called Basho. It was my second visit to Basho and it did live up to my mark. The food that we ordered was really good. One word of caution, though: Do not order the cocktail “Death by chocolate.” The taste is awful, with a strong smell of spirit. Feels like drinking raw Rum. Eew! Being a beer enthusiast, I couldn’t resist myself ordering a beer. But in strong beer, they serve only Kingfisher, like most of Pune’s resto-bars. And I am a person who prefers only the strong 😉

Around midnight, after spending an awesome 12 hours, it was time to say adieu to a nice Sunday. A Sunday very well spent. A Sunday that I can safely label as one of the ‘awesomest’ Sundays that I ever had. It was already Monday on the clock and my spirits were dampening. Wish there were no Mondays, especially after super awesome Sundays like these. Sigh.