5 things I wish people wouldn’t do

  • Abusing the Hazard indicator: Do you know the Hazard indicator button in your car? Yes, that small red button with one or two white triangles inside, behind the steering wheel or on the dashboard of your car. The button that you push while going straight in a traffic signal. That button, as the name suggests, is supposed to be pushed when there is a hazard, to warn other  drivers when a vehicle breaks down on the road, to alert other drivers while driving amidst dense fog etc. For God’s sake, not while going straight in a traffic signal! That, in turn, might cause  confusion and even lead to accidents. So, STOP PUSHING THAT FUCKING BUTTON AT YOUR WILL, IT HAS SOME PURPOSE, SOME MEANING TO IT!
  • The pseudo Grammar Nazi: The term “Grammar Nazi” is a urban slang that is used to call a person who is particular about  the grammar while writing something. So, when you take a dig at others for writing something wrong, specially in English, make sure that YOU are writing correct English. To start with, learn the difference between its/it’s, few/a few/the few etc. Also, the English language has ONE alphabet that has 26 letters. So do not write English “alphabets” when you mean “letters”, a to z.  I am saying this, because everyday I see these mistakes. It is ridiculous, specially when written on national newspapers or national TV channels and their websites.  After all, there is no shame in going back to the grammar books that we were supposed to read during our school days, but never did. Remember, writing correct grammar is not optional, but mandatory.
  • The online stupidity: I think, most of us have a tendency to open Facebook just after we wake up in the morning. At least, I do have. When I do, I would like to see some jokes being shared, or maybe some funny images to start the day in a positive note. But what I actually see is some disturbing images of some child suffering from some incurable disease are being shared, hoping that Facebook will donate $1 USD to the child for every share! Seriously? Did Mark Zuckerberg come in your dream and told you so? And those images of Lord Shiva in Himalayas, with a note that you will be blessed for a million years if you share that picture within 3 seconds or something? Guys, really, haven’t you heard of any photo morphing software? Adobe Photoshop et al? And that Android has these camera applications with different frames? I have images with ghosts above my wife’s head, courtesy a small Android application! So, all I have to say is- GROW UP, WILL YOU?
    As I post this article, I am sure, another such share will appear on my news feed. But one good thing about it is that now the days of email spams with such pictures are over. Some relief. Thank you, Facebook!
  • Rudeness: Every time I go to the smoking area near our office, people’s rudeness amaze me. They are all working in huge multi national companies and are well dressed. But the kind of etiquette that they posses, it will really leave you thinking. It really reveals the kind of person they really are, behind that expensive dress! They would first come near you, with a king size cigarette placed in between their lips and would do a gesture with their eyes or fingers, to ask for your lighter. They don’t utter any word. Once you give your lighter, or the cigarette that you are smoking, they will light theirs and leave. No “Do you have a light” or “Thank you”. As if, you are siting there, only to cater to their needs of lighting a cigarette! Wonder what will they teach to their children!
    This is just an example of rudeness I see in people everyday. Small things, but they do matter. The next time you deal with a person, please be polite. You will not gain anything monetarily, but a good vibe- for sure!
  • Spitting from a vehicle: I do understand that you do not care about cleanliness, but when you spit from the bus/car/bike that you are traveling in, on a road full of fellow countrymen, there is a high chance that your spit will hit some fellow rider. And believe me, no one would like to be hit on the face or ANYWHERE, with your saliva. So, please. DO NOT SPIT ON THE ROAD.

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