Finding Nirvana!

I cannot tell you exactly which song made me a Nirvana freak. I think it was not just a song, but Kurt Cobain himself. There was a time, when I used to worship Kurt. Almost literally. I had a poster of him above my “study” table in my hostel room, and in my hour of need, I actually used to pray through my closed lips – bless me, Kurt! Snippets of his songs and his quotes were all over my notebooks, wardrobe doors, desk, the walls, and computer wallpapers. And of course, T-shirt! I mean, I was totally obsessed! He was such a gem of a poet!

Though Kurt was earlier branded as just an obnoxious rocker, a junkie; his true prowess came to light when they released MTV Unplugged, a couple of months after his death. That is my all time favorite Nirvana album. See, that makes Kurt so great. Though their genre was Grunge, which means distorted guitars, chaos, and what you brand as “shouting”, he came out of that. He came out of his genre, his “comfort zone”, and gave us an acoustic album; an album to cherish for the rest of our lives. He proved, Kurt Cobain was not because of Nirvana, but Nirvana was because of Kurt Cobain! He proved, he did not need distortions, he did not need to break equipment (doing which he had earned some negative publicity earlier). He was above everything. His expressions and a gifted voice were all that he had and he needed to win the world.

We love you, Kurt. We miss you.

PS: Wrote this in a jiffy when I read online about Justine Beiber saying that he (she ?) feels like the Kurt Cobain of his (her ?)  generation (link). If this is true, that kiddo should be shot point blank. Wait, he (she ?) deserves something much worse. Let me think of any other method for this honor killing!

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