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Finding Nirvana!

I cannot tell you exactly which song made me a Nirvana freak. I think it was not just a song, but Kurt Cobain himself. There was a time, when I used to worship Kurt. Almost literally. I had a poster of him above my “study” table in my hostel room, and in my hour of need, I actually used to pray through my closed lips – bless me, Kurt! Snippets of his songs and his quotes were all over my notebooks, wardrobe doors, desk, the walls, and computer wallpapers. And of course, T-shirt! I mean, I was totally obsessed! He was such a gem of a poet!

Though Kurt was earlier branded as just an obnoxious rocker, a junkie; his true prowess came to light when they released MTV Unplugged, a couple of months after his death. That is my all time favorite Nirvana album. See, that makes Kurt so great. Though their genre was Grunge, which means distorted guitars, chaos, and what you brand as “shouting”, he came out of that. He came out of his genre, his “comfort zone”, and gave us an acoustic album; an album to cherish for the rest of our lives. He proved, Kurt Cobain was not because of Nirvana, but Nirvana was because of Kurt Cobain! He proved, he did not need distortions, he did not need to break equipment (doing which he had earned some negative publicity earlier). He was above everything. His expressions and a gifted voice were all that he had and he needed to win the world.

We love you, Kurt. We miss you.

PS: Wrote this in a jiffy when I read online about Justine Beiber saying that he (she ?) feels like the Kurt Cobain of his (her ?)  generation (link). If this is true, that kiddo should be shot point blank. Wait, he (she ?) deserves something much worse. Let me think of any other method for this honor killing!



I somehow like the number 21. The date, to be more precise. It has many reasons, apart from it being the reverse of my birth date. (Okay! That’s not actually a reason, I was just making it up.) The reason is, some “life altering” things keep happening to me on some of these 21st-s. And do you realize that 21 is the half of 42? If you do not know what I am talking about, here is what Douglas Adams had said in “The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy”, about 42:

“Answer to the Ultimate Question of Life, the Universe, and Everything : 42” (Reference: Wikipedia)

Hope I will continue having these 21s and then maybe someday I’ll get where everyone wants to reach – 42 🙂

And what a coincidence, I am writing this just after 21 days from the last 21st. Oh! The last 21st, and these 21 days. I tell you! I had the time of my life. I have so much to tell about this period, but considering some constraints, let me just focus on the musical aspect of it. Let me tell you how revolutionary the phase of these 21 days for me regarding music was. Shall I?

Mettalica Happened!

Yes, Metallica happened. Metallica live. A dream I had been dreaming for years. At least, one of my prayers was heard.

We three guys boarded the Bangalore bound train from Pune on 28th afternoon, reached there on 29th Morning, had a great time with some of my close, old friends, saw METALLICA LIVE on 30th in Palace Ground and came back the next morning. It is something I don’t want to write anything about; because I don’t know any language that can describe this epic event. And the whole trip.


Opeth – yes. I am actually very “possessive” about the music I listen to. People keep suggesting bands to listen to and I keep rejecting. This time, someone was suggesting me Opeth, and I thought to give it a shot. One fine day, I made a playlist of some random Opeth songs in and voila! I am now so much into Opeth. If you want recommendation, leave a comment. 😉

New albums

What’s with this time frame? Seems every band is coming up with awesome new albums!

Megadeth released their 13th album and named it as “Th1rt3en”. A must for any Megadeth fan. Dave, you rock. \m/

Anthrax released their tenth album “Worship Music”. I was not into Anthrax, but I think I’ll start worshiping them after this. Nice album. Kudos.

Then Cold Play! Oh man. I always liked Cold Play. And with their latest (fifth) album “Mylo Xyloto”, they earned some more respect. Have you heard the song “Don’t let it break your heart”? Go, play!

So, all you heavy metal fans and the pimps of Piratebay, you know what to do now. Buyers: you have  🙂

Indian bands

During this period, I also tried some Indian bands and really fell in love with them! Thanks to my friend who had shared the album India Rocks (you can buy from here: Flipkart, direct link). The downloaders may go to 😉

Along with some others, Raghu Dixit and Bhayanak Maut  are two of the most notable find for me during this period, as long as Indian bands are concerned.

The departure

At last, the sad demise of Dr. Bhupen Hazarika. I feel too humble to write anything about Him (yes, with a capital ‘H’). He was not just a poet, nor just a singer. He was a visionary. He was, and will always be a great inspiration for many people living around the mighty Brahmaputra. I still remember when my father had told me about ferrying the bard in our Fiat Premier Padmini.  I used to feel so proud about the car! And you know, when my mom used to sing some lullabies to me, I used to insist that my father should sing those, and he used to sing some of Bhupen Hazarika songs and I used to love that. I love you, father.

Some more read on the maestro on my blog: Bhupen Hazarika.

Hell! I am out of beer!