Monthly Archives: October 2011

Move on… Really?

As I see it, the world is an ironic place. When we had just one channel in our TV, I had so much amazing shows to watch. So eagerly I used to wait for each show. Sundays were so much fun. Now I have 100+ channels in my TV, but not a single show that I wait for. I think I’ll have to mark my calendar every time I switch on the TV; just to see when I did last. I mean, I turn on any news channel, and the first reaction is “Okay, enough, now move on!” And serials? The least I say is better. Half the time goes on showing the same scene from different angles. The other half goes on adverts. Adverts are actually better. My “sources” tell me that these serials nowadays spend episodes in promoting a new film or playing some recent hit film song and dancing on it. Some milking they are doing! I am also amazed to see channels like Channel V and MTV are still being aired. And the channel that shows Bigg Boss. Then there are these comedy shows! I mean, you got to know, you are no George Carlin. Still you are doing stand ups year after year. When I see your stand ups, I laugh; not at the jokes, but at you, at your desperation. Wonder what Archana Puran Singh laughs at. So to sum it, we moved from DD to Colors and Star Pluses, but we ruined everything. Now I can’t go back to DD, neither can I tolerate this rubbish.

Then comes the telephone. There was a time when having a telephone at home was a big thing. Then of course, we had to move on to the cellphones. But we just overdid it. Most of the people I see around today are so addicted to their cellphones. Always buried, always busy. On what? Forwarding Rajnikanth jokes/Tweeting/Facebooking. I too belong to that category. If I don’t have my cellphone by the side of my pillow, I can’t sleep. And then we write, read, and crib about how the cellphones invaded our bedrooms and made our lives miserable. Talk about irony.

Photographs reminded me, how long it’s been since you opened those old photo albums of yours? You remember those 36 copies of memories you had vowed to cherish for a lifetime? Now where are those? Getting the film to develop, waiting eagerly to see how the photographs have come, putting them in the album. It was fun. Now we have 10-12 Megapixels, 3x-6x Optical zooms, and tons of Gigabytes. This is a digital age and all are okay, but where is that fun and that enthusiasm? Click, see, don’t like? Delete, click another. Go home, Photoshop, upload on Facebook/Picasa. The end.

So, the bottom-line of all this rambling is, let’s go back to basics for one day. Let’s say no to the senselessness on TV. If you have, let’s play some Byomkesh Bakshi or Malgudi Days or any good old series and watch with the family. Let’s keep the cellphones aside for one day. Or use it to call a long lost friend or spend some talk time with your parents or cousins/siblings living thousands of miles away. And let’s dust that old album and flip over again. Can we do this?