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Go Goa!

“Do I really look like a guy with a plan? You know what I am? I’m a dog chasing cars. I wouldn’t know what to do with one if I caught it. You know, I just…do things.”┬á – The Joker (The Dark Knight).

That’s the case with me too. Generally, in all “walks” of my life. However, as we are talking about the crazy trips I make, unlike the other stories under the tag “Crazy Trips” in the blog, I did have a plan of the Goa trip. After all, it was my first trip to Goa. But there were many dependencies, and we were not sure of the trip till the eleventh hour. And that makes every trip of mine exciting.

I told my manager that I might be taking a week’s leave and go to Goa, and applied for leave 2 days before the scheduled date. He, being an awesome man, insisted that I should make this trip on bike and even lent me his Bullet. Obliged, I got the bike serviced and told my 3 other friends to prepare for the trip. I took a half day from office, called 2 of the other 3 guys, ordered some pizza, and opened a bottle of Whiskey to decide when and how should we do the trip. I was also anxious. Then I came to know that we have 2 bikes and 5 people. Awesome!

Though it was supposed to be a Christmas time trip, we sat in the house till 24th Dec midnight thinking how should we go about the trip. Frankly, I almost thought that it’s not gonna work, and I’ll have to cancel my leave and return to office the next day. What can be more embarrassing than that! Then, by whoever-it-is’s grace, one guy voluntarily lent his bike for the trip! Whoa! (Later we came to know, that was the crappiest bike ever. A pulsar 150, with no brakes at all and consuming petrol more than a bullet). Problem solved, we 3 went for a paan after midnight at this famous paan shop. While chewing the paan, too excited, we thought, why to wait till the morning? We should start our journey right away! As we wish! So we went back home and summoned the other two guys to pack their bags at the soonest and we are leaving. Those two guys don’t drink, so they dropping their jaws was I guess obvious, but we were not in a state to register any opposition/confrontation at that moment. I guess they understood and so obliged.

There must be a reason why they call 3 AM as “The Devil’s Time.” Whenever I group with this gang and do something crazy, it always happens at 3 AM or so. Weird. The Devil loves us for sure. Anyway, coming to the point, we started off to Goa, again at around 3 AM, depending on Google Maps, with a bike so unreliable that I would not even take that for a Pune-Mumbai ride. Brilliant!

As we hit the Mumbai-Bangalore highway, we realized that we just made a horrible mistake, coming out in the open on bikes so early morning in the last week of December. The cold was really intimidating. Now I can’t explain to you how challenging that was. And we were in the middle of nowhere. Broad highway, dense fog, totally dark, even the number of trucks running was exceptionally low. We would ride a kilometer or so, stop, put our hands on the exhaust pipe till we can feel anything. It was like, frostbite without frost! Then after a couple of hours, finally there was a trace of the sun and we decided to wait till the sun comes. Don’t care how many hours we need to wait. Everything seemed worth at that moment.

Finally the sun came up a little more and we started off with a great enthusiasm again.

After some confusion about the road and crossing a long stretch of a crappy road, we hit the hills. Beer was the call of the hour. Soon we found one eatery. We had a blast. That was to celebrate the fact that we have just survived the darkest night! The ride after that was really fun. And we reached Calangute, Goa at around 4-5 in the afternoon. A hotel room was waiting for us. But we chose to take a plunge in the sea instead.

Our return journey to Pune on 1st January 2011, after one helluva new year eve party, is another story.

As they say, what happens in Goa stays in Goa! Still, you can view some of the photos from the trip here: (Oops! Sorry, I had to remove the URL!)

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