A note to the motorists of Pune

(This is originally a Facebook note that I had written 4 months ago. )

My dear motorists of Pune:

While riding this 6 KMs from office to home today, I felt an urge to remind you some driving tips, in case if you have forgotten those. Here you go:

  1. The red light in a signal means you are supposed to stop there.
  2. Honking does not turn that red light into green. I’ll move ONLY when it turns green.
  3. The “One way” sign on the side of the road means only one directional traffic is allowed on that road.
  4. I understand that it’s your right to drive on the road, so is mine!
  5. If you want to enjoy that fight, get OFF the road and stop. Not in the middle of the freaking road!
  6. While crossing a signal, I do NOT expect you to enter to the road, which clearly reads “No Entry.” So don’t give me that stare.

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