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A note to the motorists of Pune

(This is originally a Facebook note that I had written 4 months ago. )

My dear motorists of Pune:

While riding this 6 KMs from office to home today, I felt an urge to remind you some driving tips, in case if you have forgotten those. Here you go:

  1. The red light in a signal means you are supposed to stop there.
  2. Honking does not turn that red light into green. I’ll move ONLY when it turns green.
  3. The “One way” sign on the side of the road means only one directional traffic is allowed on that road.
  4. I understand that it’s your right to drive on the road, so is mine!
  5. If you want to enjoy that fight, get OFF the road and stop. Not in the middle of the freaking road!
  6. While crossing a signal, I do NOT expect you to enter to the road, which clearly reads “No Entry.” So don’t give me that stare.

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So that day has come. The day when I finally won. My love triumphed! Oh, I still have not told you how I met her! But I’ll save the details for a later time. I have no intentions of writing the script for another How I Met Your Mother now! Just kidding. To sum it all, I met her just after my engineering. I mean, I started talking to her. We got introduced in a weird and a coincidental way. Looking at all the coincidence, everybody said, I was destined to meet her. I believed that. Somehow I started believing in the cliche, “we are made for each other!”

Ours was a long journey. Well, a long-distance relationship that is. Pardon the humor. Whenever I was at the verge of losing my patience, she helped me keep it up. She made me believe a lot of things that I never believed in. All the good things about life and stuff!

Then things started to get shaky. For almost a year, things were almost rough. She was helpless, I was helpless. And things were getting too bitter for me. Life had become a junk. I was getting into the dark corners of loneliness. I needed someone at least to talk to. I pity that poor friend of mine from the office. How much blabbering he gets to digest everyday! I just keep rambling. Because it is only the office time when I get to talk to people! Other times I just talk to the wall. Facebook, I mean. I never loved people’s company more than I do now. I never missed my home more than I do now.

Anyway, coming to the point, time went on and I moved into the darkness of alcohol abuse. I abused myself. And I created an image of mine that I think I will never be able to change. But that is a different matter. It was a chosen thing.

Just when I was getting deeper and deeper into the pit, suddenly time started to change. I finally realized that life has more to it. I must live well. And with that thought, came some improvements to my lifestyle. And what an irony, now I am getting her too!

Yes! Did not you hear that? She just called me! They agreed. She is going to be mine soon. All my dark days are over. No, I won’t drink to celebrate this. I’ll go to the temple and seek His forgiveness for the things I did over the years. I will seek His shelter. I give up. I want a simpler life. I am a changed man from tomorrow. Yes yes, you heard it right. The times they are a changin! Oops! Later, she is calling me. 🙂

: Hi!

: Hi.

: I was telling the diary about you.

: What did you tell?

: I was telling it how I missed you, how my life was a ruin, and how this Phoenix is getting a new life. Thank you, darling!

: Come on, don’t talk like that! I am sorry! You have suffered a lot, and I am so very guilty for that. I could never be able to make up for that!

: Hey hey hey… please stop that. It’s not the time to cry! It’s the time we celebrate. I wish this day would never end!

: What? That means you don’t wanna marry me or what?

: Hehehe of course I do! Ok, rephrase, I wish I always live in this state of mind and I always get to live with your love. Amen.

: Amen.

: And you know what, I am going out. I’ll buy something for you. And I will go to the temple too. Promise.

: Please please please go to the temple! I am so happy. Ok then, you go. I’m now going out for some shopping. Talk to you later.

: Yeah, sure darling. I love you!

: Love you!

After Sunaina hung up, Sid played some drums on the air shouting with the song playing on the stereo.

Today is a new day. Even the scorching sun seemed sweet to him. He could not wait anymore. He plugged his iPod in, put it in the maximum volume, and ran off the stairs towards the car.

The empty road on the Sunday afternoon greeted him. He just kept the accelerator fixed at maximum. Mike Portnoy’s beats were all over his ear drums. He took out the iPod to change to a different song. As he was browsing through the albums, he heard a sharp horn. Before he could realize anything, he found that giant truck from the opposite direction too close to his car. He let the iPod go. But he was already on the wrong side.


This was a series of three articles of an imaginary couple “Sid” and “Sunaina”. All the characters and incidents are imaginary. I had written the first article and had created these characters just for the sake of writing some blog posts, without any other motive or intention. Any displeasure caused to anyone is NOT regretted. You are welcome to put forward your views too. Keep calm, keep reading.

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