Monthly Archives: June 2011


After I came to Pune, got the first job, and started to blow my own money, the first thing that I had bought myself was an iPod. Though I badly wanted to buy an iPod Touch, but had to settle for an iPod Shuffle. It was kind of an impulsive buy though! I still remember the evening I went out for a ride out of boredom. Then suddenly it occurred that I need an iPod! Then I roamed half the city to find the iPod (capacity and color) that I was looking for. Finally, I was a proud owner of an iPod!

The sound quality of the iPod can not really be qualified as “Awesome” though. However, apart from bass, the overall “detailed” sound was good. Better than any music player in its class. No points for guessing, the iPod became a part of me in no time. It was there with me every time, through thick and thin, as they say! Really, whenever I feel sad, I would just pump up the volume and sit by myself.  And when I feel elated, I’d again play it in full blast and maybe go on a ride or something. It really helped me survive those darkest nights, listening to Pink Floyd in loop, and those long journeys back home. The only pain area was iTunes!

Time went by and one day I lost my iPod! How I lost it, is another story. Yeah, you guessed it right, my friend! 😉

So after parting with my iPod, I was left with only the mobile phone for the “on the go” music! Then I bought a pair of Altec Lansing earphones and started collecting songs in the office computer. Time again flew. I changed the company and the earphones worn out too.

Though I had joined this new company,  but was still hooked to the old not-so-bad earphones and the office laptop for music. I’d almost forgotten what it was to listen to music while on journey! Then came the day when I felt that I was almost off music for sometime. I knew, that was the time. I was confused to choose a good MP3 player. iPod was the last option that I was looking at. My idea was to get a not-so-great, decent music player with a great pair of headphones. That day came. Last week, almost impulsively, I ordered a music player from Flipkart, which was delivered to me within 2 days. As always, great service there by Flipkart! *clap* *clap*

Then came the hardest part – to choose a headphone. Wise men say, after you listen with a pair of Sennheiser headphones, you can never switch to any other headphone. You get Sennheisered ! Such is the impact. I was no exception. But another task was to decide on the model. To help me solve the misery, 3 people from the office lent me their Sennheisers to compare. And finally, I decided upon a pair. Then I figured out that my Credit Card billing cycle ends today! What can be a better day to start the Sennheiser journey!

Here I am, sitting with Phil Anselmo, James Hetfield, Lars Ulrich, and Kirk Hammett in a state of “superfluous” happiness!

Nothing else matters! 🙂

PS: A note to my fellow audiophiles: If you are looking for a pair of great sounding headphones and your budget is 2000 INR, go for Sennheiser PX80. If you do not mind shelling out 3000 INR, go for PX100-II. However, if you order PX100-II through Flipkart, you should get a discount of 2-3 hundred rupees.