Monthly Archives: May 2011

Love in the time of Torrents.

As I was searching for the file,

Google gave me a broken URL.

Lost labor, furiousness, and dissatisfaction,

I searched for another file to install in my system.

When I came across your Torrent link,

Happy as hell, I laughed and I winked.

You seeded the file,

And some more I smiled.

Least I saw the evil grin on your face,

I was busy customizing the Windows Installer interface.

When it was installed and ran for the first time,

I did all the best configuration to perform for the longest run.

Some people had advised,

I should have checked for malicious code.

But you know, when you need it so bad,

All you look for is just a crack.

Everything was fine,

Until my system crashed after a short while.

Now I whine and cry,

But there’s no Restore Point that I can try.

Badly I need my system to run,

Now I will have to look for another ISO to burn.