Agony of errors!

I think I didn’t even have a mobile phone at that time when Idea used to show this nice ad. The girl leaves in a bus, the guy is asking her number, she does the “Dumb Charades”,  and the guy keeps on writing different combination of digits on his jeans to make out her number. The jingle was also kinda attractive. I do not remember what was the USP of that ad though, but I do remember that jingle and that scene. Very vaguely. Yes, even Idea ads were good once upon a time!

So when I landed in Pune for the first time, I asked my friend what mobile connection should I take. He said “Idea”! Nothing else. “It’s a bit  expensive compared to other service providers in terms of value added services, but it is THE best network!”, he added. So I had few choices. By then I had seen how pathetic the Airtel network in Pune was is! (I was a fan of Airtel, until I came to Pune. I still use Airtel when I go home. None can be compared to Airtel in Assam.) So I walked up to a retailer and purchased a prepaid SIM. All he took was a photocopy of my driving license and I got a pre-activated SIM card! I was impressed!

Since then, for the past a-little-more-than-three years now, I have been using that very number. I was too reluctant to change it. And my usage history was also not very much in favor of a Postpaid scheme. So I decided to stay with the Prepaid one. Anyways, that’s a different matter altogether. So a couple of days before, after the number portability thing happened, I was one day looking at a postpaid plan rolled out by Idea recently. I liked the plan. And that triggered the bug inside me. I knew, I won’t stop till I migrate to that plan! So I called up the Idea guys and dropped at one of the “My Iddea” outlet. But then again, I am an “outsider”! After going two or three days to the outlet, I finally submitted  at least 10 documents and got the SIM, which in turn got activated without any hassle.

Little I knew that trouble was laughing at me!

After a couple of days, my outgoing got barred for negative verification of my address. And what can be a better day for this to happen then my birthday! So I took another appointment for a re-verification. I gave a time between 10 AM -12 PM. But the verification guy did not turn up till 4. So, apparently my whole day was wasted. I could not even go to the office. Then, totally pissed, I went to the Idea office and registered a complaint. The executive helped me by calling a verification deppt person and sent a personal request to solve my issue. The verification executive came at 7 PM! But OK, better late than never! Awesome was the feeling!

However, the more amusing thing was that I still did not get the outgoing even after 21 hours of my verification. I was getting restless and totally mad! So I called up the verification executive and asked what was the matter. The problem was, despite of me signing in the sheet and answering a lotta questions of him, my verification was still negative BECAUSE the person filling up my details on the “system” did a typo. Instead of “Flat No. 43”, he wrote “Flat No. 4”. Time to facepalm!

I was so furious, I didn’t know when I went out of office until the speedometer kissed 75. I went straight to the outlet and showed my annoyance. Reluctantly, the boy edited my details (he was pissed for being pushed to do some clicks of the mouse!) and put a “3” to make the “Flat No. 43”! I rode back to office, still furious at the carelessness of the employee who had entered the details, the address verification deptt. that has no sense of time and the whole shallow system of work being done at Idea. Also, I wonder why they don’t shut their call centers down! It’s of no good anyway! Maybe because of social responsibility. The employment thing! WHAT AN IDEA SIRJEE!

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