You know you are in Pune when…

  1. You are awakened by brutal rape of your ears from peppy bollywoody songs remixed with Marathi beat playing in insanely loud volume in gigantic speakers across the road in any random day to celebrate some jayanti.
  2. The main road is blocked by a procession of the enthusiasts of some group dancing like maniacs on any random day.
  3. (You find that) Any day can be a dry day.
  4. People leave all the driving sense back home before leaving.
  5. It rains continuously for a week without a single minute break (and roads clog, obviously!).
  6. You meet the most rude shopkeeper.
  7. Whole city takes an after-lunch nap.
  8. You cannot find a single shop opened till 11 am (well, almost).
  9. The whole city comes to a stop at 11 pm.
  10. “Vada pau” becomes your staple food (if you already got tired of Maggi).
  11. That bottle costs more than that in any place in India.
  12. You find a layer of dust on you after a bike ride in the city.
  13. You see road construction going on around the year (they build, they break, and then rebuild).
  14. The conductor of the bus tells you to get down if you ask for change.
  15. In summer, every Thursday means day-long power cut (no rain = no water = no electricity).

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