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Just another trip

: Card chalega?

: Chalega na sir!

: Thik hai, full tank.

It was  one of those moments when you know that you are doing something wrong, but still you are obliging. The feeling of little anxiousness. Nothing was morally wrong in the situation that I was in, but logically it was really wrong! You can never justify yourself for standing in a petrol pump at 3:30 in the night (morning?), totally hammered, filling up the tank to go on a journey of 180 odd kilometers on bike to a place you have never been. That too, straight after a working day and an evening of drinking binge, with the company badge still in your pocket. Hard to justify. I have been to trips like this though. Like the Goa trip. Like the Alibaug trip. So I knew, no point in thinking about anything else but how to make the most of it! And there we were – on the streets again. Destination Kashid.

The road was quite straight. So we didn’t have much problem finding the right road like that of Goa for which we had to ride some 50 odd extra kilometers. But we were facing one bigger problem – we all were too sleepy to ride! After the sleepless night and with all the stuff in our blood, we were finding it really tough even to sit straight. Then the Google map showed the last point before Kashid. And we found a beer shop. The rest is, as they say – history! 😀

The sea, as always, was fun. But funnier was our condition by the time we went out of the beach and had reached that resort. We hit the bed and slept through the evening. Then was the crucial time. We cannot let the night go like this and the problem at hand was that we were in a place which is 20-25 KMs away from the nearest ATM/Petrol pump and is 8.5 KMs away from the nearest beer shop and we were almost out of cash and one of the two bikes was running low on petrol. However, as they say: “when there is will, there is a way” 😉

Whatever it was, I must say it was fun and I wish to go there again. With an entire gang and fully prepared. For that matter, I won’t mind going to Alibaug again. BUT – well planned and prepared, not like: Bonkers on the loose!
The Goa trip: Go Goa!