An evening of oblivion

Respect is something that you earn. I realized that once again the other day, on 4th Feb 2011 while watching a show in Ishanya mall, Pune.

Angaraag Mahanta (Papon) and his band, The East India Company, started off the evening with their genre of music, “Electronica”. They sang a couple of Assamese modern/folk songs, Hindi songs, and some Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan songs (Tere bina nai lagdaa is still echoing in my ears :P). They mesmerized everyone in that 1 hour time. And I tell you, when they finished the show, the entire crowd – a mix of 3 generations, with a lot of foreigners, and almost all non-Assamese, unanimously gave them a standing ovation. I was goose-bumped.

Though I liked his songs earlier also, but this evening changed my opininon of “I like Angaraag Mahanta” to “I am a fan of Angaraag Mahanta”. His voice, his mostly humorous narrations on stage, and his modesty really did earn some respect that evening. And yes, their “Folkatronica” (a fusion of Folk and Electronica). 🙂

These were exactly the qualities that Zubeen Garg lacks. Ok, more on Zubeen Garg later.

PS: Though this post emphasizes mainly on Angaraag Mahanta and East India Company, herewith I pay my respect to the other 2 musicians who mesmerized us with their amazing skills of Sitaar and Tabla. All in all, an amazing evening spent. It was an evening of oblivion. An evening to get lost in music, and forget everything else. That’s bliss!

Coming up next: some bitching about Zubeen Garg, who was once my “hero”. 🙂

Stay tuned.

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