Monthly Archives: December 2010

The big Lebowski

So I just watched “The big Lebowski”. The movie. Though just three beers don’t do justice to it! But hell, it’s  something. I am enjoying the night by myself. And The big Lebowski stood by me! Very much. No, no, I ain’t giving you any Wikipedia links for that. Just dont wiki it before you see any movie. Anyways.

So this movie goes like, the Lebowski! He is not “The” Lebowski, but he is the other Lebowski. I mean the “Dude”. Yes, that’s what he and the whole (well, not all, but whoever knew him) LA calls him as. The Dude. The laziest guy in LA. He has got this friend Walter, because of whom he lands up in all the troubles, initially. Like we always do. Friends hard to part with. Friends, partners in “crime”. Friends. Yes, friends. No logics. Go with them. Jump into the pit with them. But you won’t be alone. Okay, so this movie goes like some miscreants mistook our dude to be “the” Lebowski, the millionaire. Here the story starts. There is a lot. How the millionaire’s “wife” gets abducted, how our dude goes in trouble, how he comes across, there is a lot to it. And hell, whatever he does, he gets into more deep trouble. As you call it, deep shit!

And Walter, the short tempered friend of the dude, the owner of all the triublesome ideas, he who invites trouble! Well, he touches me almost at the end, when the other friend of them dies and he hugs the dude (no emotional shit).

And the last scene, the old man tells him in general to “take it easy”, the dude says “The dude abides”. Yes, the dude “abides”. I “abide”!

I ain’t gonna tell you what’s more in store for ya!  Just get a copy and watch the movie!

Just get high (maybe stoned) before you watch this.

Oh well, whatever, nevermind!