Monthly Archives: November 2010

Limerick and not so limerick

Jab mujhe laga uska chaska,

Maine mara usko thoda maska.

Jab maine kaha “I like you”,

Usne kaha: “You haven’t seen your face on the mirror. Have you?”

Jab maine pucha, “What’s the harm?”

Usne kaha, “You got no charm!”

Maine pucha, “Do you even know how much I cried?”

Usne kaha, “It’s disgusting that even you tried!”

Maine kaha, “I can swear by my tears, oh dear!

I wish I could whisper those words into your ear!”

Usne kaha,

“Dude, I hate to be rude.

But you should have understood!

That I’m not meant for you, and you are not for me.

So let’s just stay as “I”, and not make it “we”!


This was written while sitting with a friend and chit-chatting, with an intention to invoke pure fun. Nothing serious about it. Life is funny, laugh at it! 🙂