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To applaud a heroic act!

People from the bordering districts of Assam and Nagaland know how the relation between these two states is. If it’s not like that of India and Pakistan, then it surely is like that of India and Bangladesh. You know, I hate them coming to my town in their muddy, green color Maruti Gypsies, and driving as if they are participating in some rash driving competition! Well, this is the least they do to disturb our peace.

Firstly, NSCN. I don’t need to tell any North Eastern how notorious they (NSCN) are! People from these bordering districts had almost stopped buying Maruti 800s and Gypsies because of the car-theft racket backed by NSCN. Oh yeah, we know, you are “revolutionists”! And you love your men, especially the car thieves. It’s an undeniable fact. I am also a victim of this racket. Then comes torturing the villagers. What do you think? We are in some Uganda or somewhere? You “Rebels” will do anything with our villagers and we will do NOTHING? Oh, wait! Maybe you are right. We actually do nothing about that. We, meaning the Great Indian govt., (I always address the Indian Govt. as ‘The Great Indian Govt.’ It somehow reminds me of ‘The Great Indian Laughter Show’ (challenge?) and a bunch of jokers!) and its feet licking Assam govt. Let the poor villagers suffer and die. They don’t change the fate of our Govt. But the “ceasefire” that we are having with you right now can be a big achievement in our performance diary. We can use that in bagging (begging?) some votes next term. So you can come to our (Assam’s) villages, torture the poor men, scare the crap out of them, and levy taxes for living in “your land”. We won’t say a thing!

Fuck you, bastards!

Then the Nagaland police. They are also not very far behind. Especially after the barbarian act that they showcased on some school students of Golaghat district of Assam on 15th September 2010, I have no words to describe them. They are THAT worthless.

On September 15th, some school students of the Nagaland bordering district Golaghat of Assam had announced road blockade to protest against some issues to the local authority. At the time of the blockade, a convoy of Nagaland Police happened to be passing by. And then happened one of the most disgusting things in recent times that I have seen. The intolerant bastards not only assaulted those students, but also assaulted the very foundation of democracy. Soon the news channels flashed the video of the troop thrashing the students. I’m still wondering why the Nagaland govt. has not yet announced some bravery awards for the policemen even after watching them kicking, beating and punching the students so skillfully and without any hesitance! They didn’t have any fear whatsoever. They really deserve some gallantry award. Applaud them, folks, applaud. I’m giving them a standing ovation. Kudos!!

But apparently the All Assam Student’s Union (AASU) thought of a different way to welcome this heroic act. They decided to impose an ‘economic blockade’ on Nagaland at 6 places in 4 bordering districts of Assam. As a result, I got to read in today’s news paper that Nagaland is having a severe food crisis, owing to which, they are shutting down some school and college hostels. Now, my question is, if you know that you cannot survive without Assam’s help, why do you behave with us so arrogantly? In a sense, they behave like Bangladesh. They (B’desh) have nothing of their own to compete with, but they would never stop poking India. And on the other hand, Assam is like our beloved India: no matter how much ‘ungli’ they do, I’ll abide by the principles set by Mr. M.K Gandhi in the middle ages. After all he is the “father of the nation”. And how can we question the central government? They are our masters. We are puppets.

Bye bye blog, I got better things to do!