Rama, Sita, and some thoughts.

N is totally weird. Yes, after all he is MY friend! 🙂 And an old friend that is! We do catch up on GTalk almost every day, despite of the different time zones. I love chatting with this chap because of these gibberishes that I can bet none except the two of us will understand. And we can really go on blabbering. Anyway, what caught my eye today was this Rama-devotional status of him on GTalk. Don’t know if it is a song from the flick Raavan, but somehow it reminded me of one episode of some mythological serial I saw sometime around 2 years back. I’m so tempted to share it with you!

Then I had this flat-mate of mine who possesses some unmatched qualities for a guy to watch Hindi soaps and Suraj Barjatya movies! On the “fateful” Saturday evening, as usual, I came home excitedly from the liquor shop and started making my first peg of the rum; while I noticed this guy watching some mythological serial. Voila! It is Sita maata’s agni pariksha! 😀 This was probably the only scene I wanted to see. Without any sarcasm, I feel myself lucky to be able to see that episode! Cutting all the melodrama, what I can narrate here is, I saw Rama giving Sita a piece of his mind, as he thinks she is no longer “pure”, because Raavana had kidnapped her and she spent some 14(?) days at his place. Then Sita decides to prove that she is “pure”, and says some prayer to “Agni devta” and walks into the fire. The camera started rolling in every possible angle until my head started to spin! Then some heavy lightning, and Sita comes out of the fire unhurt! Now it’s time for Sita maata to do some preaching. And now comes the funny part: Rama says he knew that she is “pure”, but he wanted her to prove it, because the whole world might think that she is not “pure”!

Now tell me, as a layman, what lesson should I learn from the above scene? Okay, let me put it this way: tomorrow if I marry someone, and if some other person has a huge crush on her, and if he kidnaps my wife, and I rescue her after a couple of days, what am I supposed to do? Should I console her over whatever had happened and take her on a romantic holiday, or should I scold her big time for getting kidnapped and take her to the laboratory for a DNA test? I am confused!

What I could make out from the above scene is:

Rama shows the shadowy part of a typical male psyche. DOMINATE YOUR WIFE NO MATTER WHAT! If you treat her with love and compassion, the world will think you are a wimp, or you are not MAN enough! Perfect!

Sita, on the other hand, is the epitome of a typical “Indian” wife! SUBMIT YOURSELF TO YOUR MASTER er.. HUSBAND! Your heaven is at his feet. Lick it! Yuk!

I wonder, why cannot we just read these stories as we read Alice in wonderland? Are these stories supposed to teach us the way of life? Come on! Is this what you call as Hinduism? I doubt.


5 thoughts on “Rama, Sita, and some thoughts.

  1. k

    There is a long difference between what must have happened and what we have been told what happened. These tales have been modified to control people by some other people. The book 1984 describes the whole idea the best!

  2. Manash

    Yeah, that’s what. The tales have been modified, and I guess that’s true for most of the religions. Anyway, I need to read this book then. Help me with it if you have that. Btw, there arises a question: when you say “what must have happened”, do you mean it really happened? I’m skeptic!

  3. Mausom Boruah

    Liked it Manash. i feel rules were set to make society predictable like an organisation and then stories were cooked around rules which we call mythology to set the idea of a belief or may be faith. so you see we were duped from the very beginning. Also mythology applies to only a particular time frame i.e to say the concept of yugs. With the evolution of society we have let go of sati isnt it. So stories change to fit societal rules

  4. Amruta Phansalker

    Loved it Manash! You are one of those (of course rare) Indian men who truly understand that it is not a master-slave relation between a man and woman. It is only mutual love, affection, and respect that can truly prevail. Unfortunately, the entire Indian *being* revolves around this master-slave philosophy. Even the idea that Parvati had to undertake a difficult penance for Lord Shiva. Like she is unworthy of being noticed otherwise!


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