Bon(G)kers on the loose!

Apart from some comparatively insignificant incidents, I had not done a REAL whacky stuff for some time; and I knew, one was long pending. The “Me” inside me was craving to break the seemingly infinite loop of ‘RoboHelp(read work)-home-TV-sleep’ at least for one day. Don’t care the worst consequences, or the best, I just needed an experience to cherish later on. I have memories of many things, rather I would say many stupid things I did, which I initially hated myself for doing, but later on those became the sweetest memories and topic of discussion for many “square table conferences” ;). So I just gotta do one more!

Amid all these, one more tension was added to my already stressed think-tank, we need to search and rent a house ASAP!  On a not-so-fine Saturday (30th May), we discussed the pros and cons of some flats we had in our list. Unable to come to a conclusion, we just scrapped whatever discussion was going on, and my friend suggested that we should have some whiskey instead, to relax our minds and get prepared for some fun in the Saturday evening. Who was gonna say “No” ?  It was only 4:00 PM and we four sat for a preparatory session. Good! It went on, and on, and on. Suddenly at around 3:30 in the morning, don’t know what really triggered us, but we decided to make a trip of Mumbai. Within 20 min, we were out for your journey! Don’t know where to go. Without any plans, 3 of us just set off! First we took an auto to the Pune railway station, and then a cab to Dadar. I was awake till Lonavla, but dozed off after that. And suddenly when I woke up, I was in Dadar at 7:30AM. Damn! What did I do? At that point, I was cursing whoever invented whiskey! My eyes were burning like never before, and I was too reluctant even to take a single step. But it’s not the time to think and curse. Once there, we must justify what we did (well, justify!). But where to go? What to do now? Within half-an-hour, we were in front of the Gateway of India. Now what? My friend said: Alibaug! That’s it…Alibaug then! We boarded a boat and in 1 hour we were in Jetty. None of us knew about Alibaug apart from its name and that it has some beaches! Anyways, soon we took a bus and in another 1 hour or so, we were in Alibaug. An auto-rickshaw took us to a beach. But I was still not feeling the enthusiasm I should have to enjoy the trip. But it did not take much time! We got ‘Fuel’-ed and within half an hour we were all set to plunge in and set the sea on fire! 😛

It was a miniature Goa, and we had an awesome time playing in the sea. We don’t know how many hours we spent there, we were still not willing to come out. But we must be back. So the back journey starts to Mumbai – we have plans of food and beer at Leopold.  We were exhausted beyond limits, and the one and a half hour of back journey to the Gateway was becoming almost unbearable. It seemed we did not have enough energy even to talk. Finally we reached the Leopold; but one of us had already passed out! Never mind! We two were still awake and alive. 🙂 As usual, I had an awesome time at Leopolds, and took the alcohol-level in our blood to an optimum. Now it’s time to be back! Spent some time roaming around in Colaba, and then we three went to Dadar. Then a cab ride to Pune. At 1:00 in the night, we were back home. After taking bath, I could not even gather courage to have dinner. Instead, I slept off.

Aah…its Monday again- but the best thing is that, we have flexible working hours, and we can go to office even at noon. But the scars I got all over my body while lying down on the beach and playing with the surf all day was really hurting a lot when I woke up. But still I decided to go to the office, super tanned, and wearing a where-am-I kind of an expression. Because I felt inside my twisted mind, that if I take a leave, that will show that I could not bear whatever I did, and that will somehow reduce the fun. I must be capable of enduring and ready to take the responsibility of whatever I do!

Now it’s time to go home, I’ve completed my 8:30 hours in the office…so till the next time I blabber, take care and be happy! Cheers!

LOUDER, I didn’t hear that!!!




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