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I don’t remember when I first heard the song Paranoid; but once I did, it instantly became like an anthem for me! I relate so very much to each and every word of the whole lyrics!

“People think that I’m insane
Because I’m frowning all the time”

But why do I frown all the time? Yes, WHY DO I? I guess it is almost as tough a question as “How much do you love me?” But then again, if you are in the right mood; the stars and the oceans are there to help you out of such situations. Give her the crap about the uncountable stars in the sky or the depth of the oceans. She will be the happiest. A poem will even do better.  So it can also be answered. But the main question still remains- why do I frown all the time? Whenever I think about it, like a chain reaction, it leads to another question- I like such songs so much because I frown all the time or I frown all the time because I like such songs so much? Again that ain’t any easier to answer.

“I cannot see the things that make
true happiness, I must be blind!”

Yes, it is exactly what I am thinking right now. I had my set of reasons to be unhappy about, but life has been giving contradictory answers to that problem every now-and-then and finally I am left with few reason to support my obsession with unhappiness!

My habit of frowning actually started when I got admitted into my college and got hooked to ‘the habit’. We, me and my special circle of friends, stopped finding temporary happiness in watching the ‘birds’ in the college campus on evenings or spending hours with them in the canteen. We were seeking ‘Nirvana’, and revolt was the only language we understood. But alas! Nobody understands that! If I talk about Che Guevara, they make a dumb-face and ask who the hell he is! Even many a ‘funky’ ones, wearing a Che-Tee do not know about him. Damn! Hanging by the neck is unlawful!! Some of them did know the spelling of revolt and had also joined the league of our extraordinary gentlemen. But they were as fake as the Roadies contestants. They succumbed just like the trio in 5 Point Someone.  But we never did. Whatever the situation was! Does that make us heroes? No- that makes us fools in the daylight! So it might be the regret or the stubbornness to accept that we are actually fools to let go the opportunity galore, which makes us unhappy at all the time. But again here is a contradictory philosophy of mine to the reason stated above- I feel that our life is just like a day. If you wake up at noon, that does not mean that you won’t be able to catch up with the early risers for the late night movie. Agreed, they might get the privilege to relax and freshen up before the movie, which you might not get. But who cares, you enjoyed your morning. So be it.

So at this juncture of life, I feel that I actually have no concrete reasons to be so unhappy about and I have no right to waste this space and your time with such garbage. I am convinced that you are right and I am a paranoid. Nevermind, I am seeking ‘Nirvana’ again and this time I have the Old Monk to guide my way. Cheers!


Amanush Manoos!

I’m not sure if anyone of you have read my article where I had mentioned about Bonojit Hussain. So let me introduce him in a nutshell in this post too. Bonojit, son of Mr. Hyder Hussain – the editor of a very renowned Assamese daily from Guwahati, is now pursuing his Phd in South Korea. But that ain’t make him worthy to be mentioned in this post. It is what he did in South Korea. One day while traveling in a bus, some Korean made some indecent, racial comments on him, against which he lodged a police complaint and led such a protest that finally the South Korean govt. was compelled to pass a special bill to counter such incidents, and he became a “local” hero overnight. Alas! None of we Indians know about him. No wonder! Perhaps Rakhi Sawant’s breakup (?) with what-was-his-name and discussing Shilpa Shetty’s earrings or promoting Rahul Mahajan’s yet another freak-show was more important for the Indian media! Oh what a pity! By the way, I’ve heard Rakhi Sawant’s mother has also entered the arena and I was unlucky enough to get a glimpse of this gorgeous lady on M-TV Stripped! Long live Big Boss!!

Oh! One more thing. I mentioned Guwahati, but forgot to tell you that it is the capital Assam, and Assam is a state of India in the North Eastern region. It is neither a part of China nor that of Nepal or Nagaland, or for that matter, Manipur! Yeah, India is that big. And we speak Assamese there, not Chinese! Also, we don’t hunt street dogs for meal, we don’t eat dog meat, neither snake nor elephant! Yeah, I face these questions often enough and so I want to ‘broadcast’ my answer through this post to all such people out there who might be having these questions. Anyways, that was Bonojit fighting for his right in a foreign country and making history out there and here we are, silently witnessing several such attacks everyday. Well, ‘attack’ is too strong a word for us until we get pestered and pelted, right? Even many of our brothers got beaten black and blue in Australia and we saw no Bonojit Hussains. Strange? Don’t be. We have many Australias even inside our very own, very beloved country, India! What’s the big deal!

Last year after some Naga guys were thrashed by some Marathi speaking guys (with due respect to all other Maharashtrian) in Pune, the Pune edition of Times Of India conducted a poll and almost all North Eastern people staying in Pune conveyed how they have been coping with such incidents, at least verbal abuse, everyday! Yeah, they have to. They have to live in a never ending terror; they have to fear even to speak Hindi in certain occasions, they must be careful not to address anyone as “bhaiya” (brother)! Yeah, they need to learn a lot! Damn we North Eastern people!

Anyway, as they say, I adapt well and I had almost adopted a Marathi-guy-speaking-Hindi kind of accent in Pune as I had adopted a Nepali-guy-speaking-Hindi kind of accent while I was in Sikkim, though I had no fear of any attacks there! Only because I love and respect every culture and I want to be a part of it as much as possible.

Now let me narrate something what I saw in Mumbai on 2nd March 2010. After getting out of the train at 8:15 in the evening, I boarded a bus from Thane to Borivali. I thought there was a seat in the last bench, but it was only after putting my bag in the bunker and the bus had started to roll, I found that there was actually no seat left. I was the only person standing in the bus, but still I didn’t wish to change it for the next bus as I was too exhausted to wait another minute and maybe also deep inside I had this fear of hearing some comments from the conductor/driver for doing so, as I lose the right to protest any such behavior once I come out of Assam. So I decided to wait for my turn to sit until someone gets off! But what was causing me more discomfort was the hospitality of the Mumbaikars sitting in last bench. First I heard a round of laughter and then some comments for being an outsider which I cannot write here in public! But I chose the most intelligent, glorious and practical way of avoiding the situation by walking a couple of steps away from the hooligans and here I am, happily completing a week in Mumbai.

Anyways, as this hot, without-an-A.C, pigeon-hole cyber café has already started to get on my nerves, I must conclude this absolutely rubbish post without making any point, with a confession: I decided to write this garbage because of two reasons – firstly, I had not written anything for my blog for a long time and secondly, I wanted to tell all my fellow ‘foreigners’ that not everyone can become Bonojit Hussain and not every country is South Korea. So if you do not wish to turn our India into Australia, keep quiet and keep yourselves away from the hooligans. That will help you to keep your lovely faces intact and keep our country not as racist as Australia. We love our India!
As sung by the most soothing voice of Amreesh Puri, “London dekha, Paris dekha, Aur dekha Japan, saare jag me kahin nahi hai dusra Hindustan!” 😉

Till the next time, cheers and keep the spirits high!