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The Man

I know a man, as confused as he can be.
Revolt is his language and alcohol his diet!
Rage for the one we haven’t seen,
Love for the one he loves,
Care for the friends he treasures
Is all I see in the hollow eyes!

Some people say he is witty,
Some people say he is a jerk.
Some people say he can easily be cheated,
Some others say he is an amazing soul!
I met his lady the other day,
And asked her how is he.

She dismayed-
“Oh! Where is he?
I’m broken, I’m weathered,
I’m burning like a candle.
Save me from the rain,
Save me from the wind.
Oh dear friend, please find him and bring back,
I need a shelter from the storm!”


Seek and Destroy!

The rage is still on,
Against you,
Against me!
You showed your power,
Put me in the darkness,
In the echoing silence!
But you must know,
As they say,
Every dog has a day!

The way you showed your power,
And the way you laughed at me,
Was all so vulgar!
But I ask no compassion.
Only a little patience,
And the deed will be done.
When I return to seek vengeance,
Beware- I’ll spare none!

Prepaid mobile connection and us

“Most people would sooner die than think. In fact, they do so” – Bertrand Russel.

I had read somewhere sometime ago that the great Indian govt. is going to ban the prepaid mobiles in Kashmir and the NE region. In fact, they have put the ban in Kashmir starting today, and this morning I read in the local news paper how the Kashmiris are protesting the ban. Their question is, if the govt. is taking so many measures to issue a SIM in these regions, than what is the point in banning it? True. I have something to say on this!

Due to “security reasons”, it took a long time for the mobile phones to ring in the NE region (Only Guwahati had Reliance post paid before that and I do not have knowledge about J&K). Finally it came in the mid 2000s only(no wonder the “mainland” thinks we are so savage and junglis). First it was the monopoly of BSNL, then the same of Airtel. After that, luckily the other companies like Aircell, Vodafone, Reliance, Tata Indicom and now Idea started the competition and the customers are relieved.

But still if you want even a PREPAID connection, you’ll have to wait till someone comes to your place for verification and hands over the SIM. That is not all, they will then send the information to their office and you will have to wait keeping your fingers crossed that it’ll get activated within a couple of days! Nowadays the companies are coming up with policies like “Connection within 4 hours”, but those are still area-wise, and does not cover most part of Assam. Last to last year, I still remember, when I applied for an Airtel SIM, it took 15 freaking days to get the same. I had almost beaten up the guy finally coming to verify and deliver the SIM, who said I had given my address wrongly! Anyways, this is just to get the connection. Now if you go out of Assam, the SIM would not work. That is interesting! And it is the same for the outstation SIMs too. They will stop working once you enter Assam! “Security reasons”, you see! But that is still OK, though it sometimes makes me sick!

Now I want to ask the authorities, what “security reasons” they are actually citing? Do you think you can counter terrorism by denying mobile connections, Mr. Home Minister? And do you think the rest of the India, who issues me an activated prepaid connection within minutes ‘merely’ on the basis of my DL with an address of Assam that works throughout the India except NE and J&K, is not vulnerable to terrorism? If you do, Mr. Minister, I’m sorry, you are a jerk! BTW, Don’t you have any plans to ban the Phone-booths in this region, Mr. Minister? Or maybe, to ban people carrying “mobile phones”? Because who knows, if tomorrow you make the freaking terrorists so desperate, they can even pick me up from any corner of the city and take my mobile phone keeping me on gun-point in the best case scenario! Stop treating us like pigs!

Don’t worry, Mr. Minister, all our Bonojit Hussains have gone out of Guwahati, and the rest of us are either lost in the dreamland Balika Badhu had taken us to or too busy enjoying Rakhi Sawant’s nautankis. It does not matter how many cups of Tata Tea they make us drink in the advertisements, or how many ‘Rang De Basanti’s or ‘A Wednesday’s they make, we won’t wake up. We have already taken too much sedatives from Suraj Barjatyas or B.R Chopras. We have grown up listening stories of Kumbhakaran! The only thing we have learned is to sleep and dominate the fair sex. Our Gods did so! Our God refused to accept his wife because she was abducted by the ‘terrorist’! LOL!! (See, terrorism was even there in that era!) And please put anyone behind the bars who speaks of ‘Bhagat Singh’s or ‘Subhash Bose’s, we never seem to get enough of ‘gaandhigiri’ anyway. Let the Bangladeshis abduct our BSFs, pull out their eyes and chop their bodies into pieces. Let China treat J&K as different country and let them also take away Arunachal Pradesh. Let the most peace-loving neighbor of us send in more Kasabs. Let more and more trains to blast, let more Tajs to burn, let more and more NDFBs to grow, let more ULFAs to grow, let more Parag Das to die, what difference does it make to us anyways? We are happy sleeping. Please do not disturb and please let us use the mobile phone. Will you?

Thoughts at random

In the sleepless nights or the most boring ride to the office through the lonely boulevard full of erratic traffic and bustling countrymen, my habit of punching the keypad sometimes make something that looks like a poem and this is my utmost naïve effort to collate some of them. Cheers!! You can read some of my other poems from HERE.

The Betrayal [12-Aug-06]
I had a god
God that failed
To protect me,
To protect himself!

I had a god
Whom I trusted,
Prayed, worshiped.
A god, who in return
Dangled me to entertain his prostitutes.

Oh! The light bringer!
Where are you?
Take my soul, take me to hell.
I want to live, live forever in a place
Better than this

A Question of Heaven [March’2006]
I have heard them saying
You are the supreme power.
I have seen them worshiping you
Like anything.
Is this what they give
For a life so painful?
It is the time for a show-cause
Why should you
Not be questioned?
Why am I given the name
Of a betrayer??

Dhabomaan hoisilu
Aadi prio shobdo,
Ek khyuv,
‘SUPREEM POWER’’r protaronar.
Hoitu asil mur ‘PARANOIA’.
Kihor protarona?
Mur jonmot tu hua nasil
Kunu doibyo-baani
Ek sundor jibonor protisruti !

Her Love
Her eyes speak faith,
Her lips sing life.
Her arms whisper confort
And her smile spreads peace.
She is the antidote to my venom
And her love,
A trap I want to fall again and again

Will name it later! 🙂 [19-Dec-08]
Eeverything is so foul,So unfair and unworthy
Except for a death, worth dying for!
Wake up, sleep walkers!
Give me your hand, join the rebellion.
Let me take the shit out of your robotic heads
Let me clean you and inject sense.
Let me lead you out of the puppet show,
Let me show you how to defy the master
And worship thyself!

Let it be unnamed too! 😦 [19-Dec-08]
Let me cut the strings tonight,
They have always played the wrong tune.
Let me break this habit tonight,
The habit of living with a solace of an elusive hope.
The habit of giving, not getting.
Let me set my soul free tonight
Before it perishes.
Let me break the chains.
Let me fly tonight,
It smells so foul here!

Tumar hahit
Udbhaxito hoi uthe mur jibon.
Tumar swopnalu dusokut
Dubi thaku moi protikhyon.

Tumar “xu-probhat”
Mur aanobik xokti
Protitu dinor jibon-jujot
Nomar jen ek o-ghuxito prostuti!

Aaha ami olop ‘bargaining’ koru-
Kiman moromor binimoyot diba
Exo xotangxo biswas?
Ek xagor ne ek akax?

Dhaar [01-Oct-2006]
Mur iyat etiya xit,
Diba neki dharole
Olop grismo…
Olop axa…
Olop anondo…
Olop onubhuti…
Olop jiyai thokar habiyakh?

Maa ![10-April-2006]
Aji tomale khoob monot porise,
Moi je bhagori porisu,
Aru kiman khuj kahim,

Maa !

Aji ghuri jabo khujisu
Akou tumar kaxoloi,
Xui poribo khujisu,
Prithibir xokolu dukh-kosto pahori
Tumar umal kulat,

Maa !

Dhaki diba muk aji
Tumar anchalere.
Numusiba mur khyoto,
Xikhon je letera hobo.
Numusu aji sokupaniu
Tumar anchalere.
Pobitra anchal tumar,
Mr je durgondhomoy xorir!