The miserable ‘modern’ life!

My TL was bugging me big time for a ‘plot’, or rather, a story for her short-film. Finally I gave in, and agreed to “try” something. The following is what I came up with after 2 hours of unofficial office-work; needless to say, it didn’t make it to any sort of adaptation. Here is for you to read 🙂 By the way, it absolutely does not have any resemblance to any person dead or alive.


[Boy sitting in front of HR girl] HR: Congrats, Siddharth; you have been selected for the post. Your monthly salary will be 10000 per month for first 3 months, i.e. your probation period; and will be increased to 12000 after successful completion of the same. Please read the offer letter and sign it if you agree.

[Boy comes out of the room, excited. Takes out his mobile and dials a number. The screen freezes and narration begins to describe his attitude or his professional details (with a little humorous tone maybe) ]


After 6 months [Siddharth (Sid) and 4-5 other guys are sitting in a bar] [Standing, raising a glass]

Sid: This evening is for my love, Sunaina! She is doing BE and her result was declared a week ago. She topped in her college! This is not all, she got placed in a PSU through campus recruitment. [Everyone stands up and raises the toast with a roar “cheers”] [Everyone busy talking to each other and laughing.]

Friend 1: Sid, are you happy with everything? I mean your job and all?

Sid: Beggars cannot be choosers! And you know how I’ve completed my Engineering. So yes, I’m happy! I must be happy. Carpe diem is my motto. Seize the day. Live for the moment. “Eat, drink and be merry…for tomorrow we may diet”

Another friend to all: “Aaj mere paas naukri hai, paisa hai, do-do mobile-phone hai, bike hai, girlfriend hai…tumhare paas kya hai…?”

Sid: “Mere paas RUM hai…” [Everyone laughs, mobile rings, he goes out. Someone shouts from behind “you rock, man!”]

Sid on phone: Hey darling!

: I need to discuss something serious with you.

: But I’m with my friends, at a party.

: Mere liye rishta aya hai.

: Toh itna serious hone ko kya hai honey. Bol do na ke tum mere ho [smirk]

: Sid! Please be serious! How can I tell my parents about ‘us’ until you get a good job. Try to understand! Please do a master degree na…an MBA? Please…mere khatir…humare khatir?

: Don’t give me that crap! I expect you to love me as I am. Don’t try to change me, please! And I would appreciate if you don’t spoil my evening further. I guess we can discuss that tomorrow also![cuts the line] [Sid returns to table and gulps one whole glass]

Friend1 asks [worried]: “Any problem, Sid?”

[Sid sings, eventually everyone joins] “we don’t need no education, we don’t need no thought control. No dark sarcasm in the class room, teachers leave the kids alone. Hey! Teachers, leave them kids alone. All in all it’s just another brick in the wall…”


[Sid enters his rented flat drunk. Lies on his bed. His room-mate is searching bed-bugs]

Sid: Kya dhund raha hai? Khatmal? Kitna khatmal marega? Sab ek ek khatmal hai…school me khatmal…college me khatmal…office me khatmal…society me khatmal…ab toh saala ghar me bhi khatmal…[laughs]…mein bhi ek khatmal…tu bhi ek…[falls into sleep, screen becomes dark]


[phone rings (screen still dark)…Sid wakes up…”sunlight” fills the room]

Sid: Haan bolo…

: Sid…please MBA kar lo na…mere khatir… nahito mein kya bolungi ghar me…

: [with a smirk]Bol do ki BTech Computer hai.

: But they expect more!

: What do YOU expect? Or rather, want?

: I want everyone to be happy

: And I am the scapegoat? Does everyone in this God damned world do an MBA?

: Please Sid! Try to’s for OUR well being!

: See darling, how much money does one need to run a family? We both will be earning, and that will be enough for us. So suddenly why is this issue? I don’t wanna drive a Marc! damn it!

: But my parents! They won’t accept this!

: What do they want? Their daughter’s happiness or son-in-law’s degree? Does a degree guarantee happiness?

: But I cannot go against them!

: And I cannot go against myself! Does my love has no value? Is an MBA more valuable for you or your parents than my love?

: Then you are not going to do MBA?

: Ans my question first! Is an MBA more valuable for you than my love?

:[silent] [screen goes black…names scroll]

:[shouting]ANSWER ME!

[she cuts the line, a sound of beep remains.]


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