Snapshot 1: My sister is 6 years elder to me. She belongs to the class of people who can study religiously (I don’t understand how they do that!). Anyway, she always wanted to be a doctor, like my father. And after her 12th, she took a break of 1 year to prepare for the JAT (State level test for admission into govt. Engineering and Medical colleges in Assam). But she missed it by 3-4 marks. She was crestfallen. I don’t know she cried or not that day, but I do know that she cried the next day. She cried out of anger when she saw the merit list on the local news paper- a guy with 1/10thof her marks got called for the MBBS program, because according to our constitution, he belongs to a ‘backward’ community, and so he should be given some privilege!

What a fucking joke!

Snapshot 2: Sometime in September, I went with a friend to register for the CAT. When I went through the fee-details, I saw that it was 1400 Rs for me and something around 700-750 Rs for him. Goes without saying that he belongs to the ‘privileged’ community!
Anyways, I shall be writing 4 MBA entrance tests this time, and as per my estimate, to register for all of them and to apply to the colleges coming under these will cost me something around 20 grand! Yes, twenty fucking thousand!! But if I were from the ‘privileged’ community, it would cost me at least 50% less, plus certain number of reserved seats, plus a handsome discount in fees.

What a fucking joke!

Snapshot 3: <Content censored!>


3 thoughts on “Snapshots

  1. swagat

    when some one spams my inbox with his blog updates and it is not about how to supersize my manhood or some benvolent nigerian willing to donate me some money, it still is . . .What a fucking joke! ps: good read though, adding you to my reading list. 🙂


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